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Selectors 3 REC, Namespaces REC, Selectors 4 FPWD

By fantasai September 29, 2011 (Permalink)
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Today W3C issued two new Recommendations: Selectors Level 3 and it dependency, CSS Namespaces. Selectors Level 3 has been a core part of CSS for awhile now, and is interoperably implemented by all modern browsers (including IE as of IE9). CSS Namespaces, which allows namespace-specific selectors, just completed its PR review phase, allowing both it and Selectors Level 3 to progress to W3C Recommendation.

Together with these publications, the CSSWG also issued a First Public Working Draft of Selectors Level 4. As explained in the CSS Snapshot, beyond level 2 CSS modules will level independently. Selectors is the first module to step up from Level 3 to Level 4. It collects together many of the proposals that were posted to www-style after the Selectors 3 feature freeze. (Note that pseudo-elements have been split out from this draft; they will reappear in other modules.) New features in Level 4 include:

Keep in mind that Selectors 4 is a very early stage working draft, and the new features in it are much more at the brainstorming stage than the stable-go-implement stage. Some features may change drastically before CR; some may not make it through and be dropped. However, your feedback is welcome in shaping the draft going forward.

As always, please send feedback to www-style with the spec code ([css3-selectors], [css3-namespace], or [selectors4]) and your comment topic in the subject line. We will maintain errata for Selectors 3 and Namespaces; but, as with shipped software, active development will happen on the new mainline, Selectors 4.

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