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Minutes and Resolutions TPAC F2F 2010 Tuesday Afternoon: Logical layout, Font features, Position-Layout, Inline transforms, Haptics

By fantasai November 17, 2010 (Permalink)
Categories: resolutions

Logical Layout

Long discussion on logical (start/end/before/after) properties or values. No consensus. Dropped from css3-writing-modes draft.

Font Features

Discussed proposal to create font-specific font feature name maps. Syntax variants were discussed, with the goal of making the syntax reflect better the intended compounding behavior of the declarations.

Position Layout

Tab Atkins presented a proposal to position boxes relative to other boxes. Resolved: add to next charter as low priority.

Inline Transforms

Resolved: When inline elements are broken into multiple boxes due to either bidi or line-breaking, transforms apply to bounding box of the inline. Mark application of transforms to inlines at-risk.


Ilkka Oksanen presented a proposal for haptics controls to mimic OS-defined widgets haptic responses. There was some concern about reintroducing the problems with system colors and/or the ‘appearance’ property.

Full minutes

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