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Resolutions 2008-03 San Diego Part IV: Box Model

By fantasai April 4, 2008 (Permalink)
Categories: resolutions

Box Model Module



There was much discussion of horizontal and vertical centering, but no resolution on the issue. The discussion closed with fantasai and Alex assigned to write concrete proposals for horizontal and vertical alignment, respectively.

For horizontal centering, there seem to be two distinct use cases:

For vertical centering, it was agreed that alignment affects the element’s children (because there’s no way to center an element
in its parent without taking it out of the normal flow). Also, it was agreed that vertical alignment of an element’s children
should cause it to create a new block formatting context. This greatly simplifies things by avoiding margin-collapsing and float
complications. The default value of the new property will need to be a special value that doesn’t turn the block into a BFC.

Page Breaking

A proposal to change the way page-break-inside affects descendent elements was discussed.

Advanced Layout Module

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