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Signal to Noise

By fantasai December 19, 2007 (Permalink)
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Some people seem to think that Opera’s recent legal action against Microsoft will cause relations in the CSS Working Group to deteriorate and thereby damage our group’s ability to function. But neither Håkon Lie nor the Microsoft reps foresee any problems working together because of Opera’s antitrust complaint.

From Alex Mogilevsky (Microsoft):

As far as Microsoft is concerned, I have not received any instruction to change my participation in W3C in any way because of this or any other lawsuits. Personally, I love working with Håkon and all CSSWG members… whatever Opera’s intentions are, I can’t imagine it involves not being interested in working together on a standard that is worth implementing. I am certainly interested and plan to keep doing that, to the best of my abilities and any time that I can afford to invest.

From Håkon Wium Lie (Opera):

You are absolutely correct. I very much enjoy working with Microsoft representatives and would like to continue doing so. I also hope the work will result in better standards support in IE.

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