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Resolutions 2007-12-11

By fantasai December 12, 2007 (Permalink)
Categories: resolutions

CSS2.1 Issues

Discussed CSS2.1 Issue 19 (case-sensitivity in CSS) and resolved to adopt the proposed changes on January 8th unless there are objections.


Anne van Kesteren is preparing the CSSOM View specification for publication as a First Public Working Draft.

Media Queries Syntax and Parsing

Spent a lot of time discussing the issues Anne van Kesteren and
Henri Sivonen have brought up recently. CSS parsing involves a
lot of things that we’re not sure should be part of media queries
as used in other languages (e.g. in HTML’s media="...".

Issues include:

Anne has started a discussion on www-style to come up with proposed text, so reply to his messages if you’ve got comments!

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