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Resolutions 2007-09 Beijing Part V: CSS3 Tables, Box, Grid, and Snapshot

By fantasai September 25, 2007 (Permalink)
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Tables and Intrinsic Sizing

Discussion on www-style

No resolutions from this session, which took up the whole morning. It was a working session where the WG tried to come to a common understanding of automatic table layout’s column width calculation in (almost) all its gory detail. You can see some of the gory details in this discussion on www-style and more extensively in David Baron’s document and Microsoft’s document.

Microsoft’s team and Mozilla’s David Baron have each put together partially-intersecting discussions of table layout, which we hope to put together into detailed spec of how automatic table layout should work for the CSS3 Tables module. The goals are to spec what’s currently interoperable, and where there isn’t interoperability, to spec what is partially interoperable and sensible.

CSS Grid Layout

General discussion and some resolutions on syntax issues:

image-orientation Value Parsing

CSS Box Module Level 3

CSS Snapshot 2007

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