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Resolutions 2007-09 Beijing Part II: Japanese Layout and Vertical Text

By fantasai September 24, 2007 (Permalink)
Categories: i18n resolutions

Japanese Layout


The W3C has a Japanese Layout Task Force, which is a joint effort of the I18n, XSL, SVG, and CSS working groups. Their current goal is to document layout requirements for Japanese documents so that W3C working groups can incorporate them into their respective technologies. Most meetings are face-to-face in Japan in Japanese, but there was a bilingual F2F last week in Tokyo, and fantasai was able to attend for the CSSWG and report back. The intention of the task force is to create a W3C Note in English. So far only Part I, which mostly covers page-level layout, has been written and translated. The task force plans to finish most of parts II and III by the November 2007 W3C Technical Plenary.


Vertical Text


DBaron Principle
The DBaron Principle states: If the most important cases are handled by a reasonable specification, then the remaining edge cases can be treated by a simple rule that everyone agrees to implement interoperably, even if that rule is not ideal in all cases.

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