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Blog post number 1

By Bert Bos May 30, 2007 (Permalink)
Categories: general

Many people write about CSS on their own Web pages and some of the articles contain interesting opinions or facts. Those people don’t want to subscribe to the official mailing list with its heavy technical traffic, which is understandable. But, the result is that they often don’t reach the people on the mailing list.

It is not possible for W3C and the members of its working groups to go search for all possibly relevant articles on the Web. It is reasonable to expect that people who write comments spend some effort to contact the people who those comments are for.

For almost 13 years, the people who develop the CSS specification have used mailing lists and conferences to talk with each other. Mailing lists are still the best technology for public discussions, but blogs make it possible to create discussion “threads” out of Web pages as well. And thus the CSS working group decided to explore blogs as an additional communication channel.

With this CSS blog, the members of the working group want to reach a wider audience and solicit comments from people who aren’t (yet) on the mailing list. People who want to be part of the development of CSS can read the new drafts, the www-style mailing list, and now also the CSS blog.

For people who prefer feed readers to browsers, there are Atom/RSS feeds for all three: new drafts [Atom], www-style mailing list [RSS] and CSS blog [Atom].

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