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Note: This information is from a project in 2005.

WAI Web Site Redesign Project

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Project Introduction

The WAI Site Task Force of EOWG (WSTF) is redesigning the WAI Web site following a user-centered design process (UCD). The primary goals of the redesign are to provide:

Note: The WAI site redesign project is not related to development of accessibility guidelines. The redesign is an education and outreach project to increase the usability of the WAI site itself - that is, to make it easier for everyone to use the site to find information about Web accessibility.


WSTF has completed: evaluation of the current site, including a heuristic evaluation and a formal usability test in cooperation with American Institutes for Research (AIR); UCD analysis phase; UCD design phase; and iterative evaluation, including many informal usability tests and a second formal usability test in cooperation AIR.

WAI released notice of a public prototype under development in June 2005, and released the first phase of the new design on 22 July 2005.

The redesign is based on extensive analysis, design, and evaluation. Much of it is complete, such as the information architecture (that is, the grouping and labeling of pages in the Site Map). However, some of it is still being refined, for example open issues under development include:

WAI also has several Web site enhancements in the work queue. We appreciate your patience as we continue to develop the site.

Commenting on WAI Site Design

Comments on the WAI site design can be sent to:

WSTF is currently working on addressing remaining open issues and developing additional features. Responding to all comments directly could take considerable time away from continued site development; therefore, we will not be able to respond to most comments.

Even though we may not respond to your comments, please be assured that we will take all comments into consideration for subsequent updates.

Redesign Documentation

The WSTF is providing redesign process documentation online. Documents from the current site evaluation and from the UCD analysis phase are listed below. Additional documents will be listed on this page as they are completed.





WSTF participants active thoughout most of the project:

Additional contributors:


For more information about the WAI Web Site Redesign Project, contact Shawn Henry, <shawn@w3.org>.

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Note: This information is from a project in 2005.