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[DRAFT] WAI Site Design Summary

Page Contents

The WAI Site Task Force (WSTF) is redesigning the WAI Web site following a user-centered design process (UCD). This document summarizes the design work.

Content Design

The WSTF worked to figure out the different types of pages on the site and what their necessary content components would be.

WAI Home Page

Annotated navigation page

Working group home page

Document page with suite nav (non/TR/):

Page Components

Layout Design

Home page

Navigation Design

The WSTF decided to use a hierarchical navigation. These are a few design iterations:

Visual Design

At the beginning of the project, we had the goal of having a site that was going to be both usable and visually appealing. We spent time working with designers. We wanted to figure out which design best portrayed the message of the organization.

These are different design iterations that we went through.