Technique G185:Linking to all of the pages on the site from the home page


The objective of this technique is to make it possible for users to locate all the information in a small Web site by providing links to all Web pages from the home page. When the number of pages in the site is small enough, the home page can contain site map information directly. The other pages in the Web site contain links to the home page.

In this way, the home page serves as two mechanisms in one. It provides the usual navigation to pages. It also is a de facto site map to the site.

All the Web pages in the site may contain links to all the other pages, and those sets of links satisfy Success Criterion 3.2.3 (Consistent Navigation).


  • A small commercial Web site for a consultant contains a home page, a Contacts page for contacting the consultant, a page describing the consultant's background, and a page with examples of the consultant's work. Each page contains a navigation bar that links to all the other pages in the site.


All technologies that contain links.



  1. Check that the home page contains links to all other pages in the Web site.
  2. Check that all other pages in the Web site contain links to the home page.

Expected Results

  • All of the above checks are true.
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