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DRAFT Requirements/Analysis and changelog for "WAI-AGE slide set"

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Purpose, Goals, Objectives

WAI-AGE staff can only do a limited number of in-person presentations, but cannot directly reach everyone who is interested in Web accessibility and ageing. An online presentation, with presenter notes and explanations, would enable us to reach far more people with information about our findings from the literature review, the resources available through the project, and strategies for promoting Web accessibility in the ageing community.
Develop an online set of slides and presentation notes, also to be potentially used as self-study notes, briefly explaining the project but mainly incorporating the findings of the literature review and introducing the resources available through the project.
Note that the slide set will need updating as additional deliverables are completed.
After initial publication, maintain thorough changelog (e.g., <http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/changelogs/cl-components#changes>) and notify translators when updated.


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Initial ideas for consideration (September 2008)


Draft slide set; Slides Instructions page

WAI-AGE task force and EOWG Discussions:

Related documents:


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Overall - additional wordsmithing. More particularly:

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To do for basic slide set (as per EO f2f) - in progress: