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Status of the Guidelines

The latest Published version of the XML Accessibility Guidelines (Working Draft):
The latest Editor's draft (publicly available for review)
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The XML Accessibility Guidelines are produced by the Protocols and Formats Working Group (PFWG) as part of the Technical Activity of the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI). Currently there is a Public Working Draft and an Editors' draft which is publicly available for review.

Discussion of the guidelines mostly takes place in the wai-xtech mailing list. The archives are available to the public.

Current Work

The working group is most recently working on choosing which of the unresolved issues to resolve and incorporate into a new editors' draft as a preliminary to a new public working draft.

From time to time the working group performs and publishes reviews of various specifications' conformance to XAG as a way of testing whether the requirements are implementable and whether there are existing techniques that should be referred to in the guidelines or techniques. Reviews or partial reviews that meet the working group's criteria for required information are welcomed at any time

Draft History

The following is a @@partial chronological history of all drafts published.

15 September 2002 Editors' Draft
This draft was prepared as a proposed replacement for the 28 August 2001 Public Working Draft
17 June 2002 Editors' Draft
This draft followed the April 2002 Face to face meeting of the PFWG. Charles McCathieNevile began co-editing the Guidelines with this draft.
22 October 2001 Editors' Draft
Daniel Dardailler co-edited this draft
29 August 2001 Public Working Draft
This draft was also available in an RDF form.

Other Resources

As well as the guidelines, there have been occasional presentations of XAG or papers written about it (sometimes under one of its previous names).

Extreme Markup 2002 Conference
Charles McCathieNevile wrote a paper and made a presentation on XAG which included a review of the DTD used for papers at the conference
XML Europe days
Daniel Dardailler presented the XML accessibility Guidelines at the XML Copenhagen day and the XML Brussels day in late 2002
HFWeb 2001
Marja-Riita Koivunen and Charles McCathieNevile presented Accessible Graphics and Multimedia on the Web - in part based on the XML accessibility guidelines

Some areas of related work:

WAI Guidelines

XML Accessibility Guidelines is part of a series of accessibility guidelines published by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI). The documents in this series reflect an accessibility model in which Web content authors, format designers, and software developers have roles in ensuring that users with disabilities have access to the Web. In this model:

The requirements of making the Web accessible to actual users do not always match this model perfectly. In all the guidelines there are cases where there is a need for overlapping requirements to ensure that people can in fact use the Web. These are sometimes due to particular problems in widely implemented and used technology, and sometimes are provided as a "safety net".

To implement XAG it is important to have enough familiarity with the other guidelines to recognise a mutual dependency and be able to apply the requirements successfully.

Other W3C work

There are other guidelines and specifications produced by W3C which are relevant. The Architectural Principles of the World Wide Web (working draft), the Character Model for the World Wide Web (working draft), the Device Independence Principles, the QA Framework and the work of the MultiModal Interaction Working Group are all relevant to producing XML specifications (and non-XML languages) which enable the greatest possible accessibility.

Work outside W3C

There is of course work outside W3C in this area. The following is an informative but incomplete list of work in this area.

Guidelines for the Use of XML within IETF Protocols (Warning: This link is unstable.)
This is a work in progress, describing how to use XML within the work of the Internet Engineering Task Force.

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