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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-1 (edit) closed Write overall approach HTML support of ARIA Cynthia Shelly 2009-12-17
ACTION-2 (edit) closed Deliver draft of change proposal for ARIA additions to HTML 5 Cynthia Shelly 2010-05-06 ARIA mapping
ACTION-3 (edit) closed Create revised summary proposal for January 14th, 2010 Cynthia Shelly 2010-01-14
ACTION-4 (edit) closed Get back with the Mozilla team to ensure there are no issues with allowing standard HTML5 input controls in the shadow DOM Richard Schwerdtfeger 2010-01-21
ACTION-5 (edit) closed David Bolter to ask if the use of contenteditable areas for representing rich text with caret position in the shadow dom would be acceptable for HTML 5 and canvas Richard Schwerdtfeger 2010-01-21
ACTION-6 (edit) closed address fragments versus entire pages as alternatives with HTML WG members Richard Schwerdtfeger 2010-01-21 Canvas
ACTION-7 (edit) closed propose braille media type (as opposed to simply tactile) or sub-type after consulting with Braille-in-DAISY and others Gregory Rosmaita 2010-01-15
ACTION-8 (edit) closed Follow up with IE team about whether implementers are willing to use parent/child/nesting relationships could be used in mappings logic Cynthia Shelly 2010-03-04
ACTION-9 (edit) closed Make a proposal for which bugs we should take on, for review at next meeting Michael Cooper 2010-01-21
ACTION-10 (edit) closed Work with Wendy on user-side of what AT needs in order to communicate meaningful info to AT user Gregory Rosmaita 2010-01-21
ACTION-11 (edit) closed - report on timeline for summary verbiage about what AT needs to communicate and report back to HTML5 A11y TF Wendy Chisholm 2010-02-04
ACTION-12 (edit) closed Ensure there is a dependency between the HTML5 specification and the HTML 5 2D Context specification to ensure that the author has the ability to set the visible focus, for <canvas>, to ensure that a magnifier may follow the visual focus. This would be driven by the shadow DOM. Steve Faulkner 2010-01-25 Canvas
ACTION-13 (edit) closed create a change proposal for table summary Cynthia Shelly 2010-01-21
ACTION-15 (edit) closed Will do multiple controls with interactivity Frank Olivier 2010-02-01 Canvas
ACTION-16 (edit) closed Do Chart example with the data table for alternative selection Jon Gunderson 2010-02-01 Canvas
ACTION-17 (edit) closed Define CSS attributes and meta data for alternative content selection Richard Schwerdtfeger 2010-02-01 Canvas
ACTION-18 (edit) closed - set up call for canvas accessibility meeting on alternates at 2pm E.S.T/1 pm C.S.T/11am P.S.T on 2010-02-11 Richard Schwerdtfeger 2010-02-15 Canvas
ACTION-19 (edit) closed Work with the Canvas API subteam to include and API for caret tracking that drive magnfication Steve Faulkner 2010-02-22 Canvas
ACTION-20 (edit) closed Work with Charles to dig up history on column element Wendy Chisholm 2010-06-24
ACTION-21 (edit) closed - coordinate concrete proposal for use of imagemap in CANVAS Charles McCathie Nevile 2010-03-04 Canvas
ACTION-22 (edit) closed Organize joint discussion of testing task force and html a11y task force Michael Cooper 2013-04-22
ACTION-23 (edit) closed Write proposal for imagemaps on canvas Steve Faulkner 2010-04-13
ACTION-24 (edit) closed Raise bug on ARIA being restricted to a11y Steve Faulkner 2010-04-13
ACTION-25 (edit) closed Post notice to a11y TF about and how to make comments Steve Faulkner 2010-04-22
ACTION-26 (edit) closed Review bugs for display, focus, labels, and semantics to 1) find originator, 2) propose disposition (work on, leave as is, push back on current status), 3) assign work items to people (possible originators) Michael Cooper 2010-04-14
ACTION-27 (edit) closed Create requirements a11y media accessibility document John Foliot 2010-05-05 Media
ACTION-28 (edit) closed - prepare text for SteveF's guidance document about future of data-mining using RDFPic methodology outlined in post to list Gregory Rosmaita 2010-09-16
ACTION-29 (edit) closed Look into descriptive video requirements Sean Hayes 2010-05-12 Media
ACTION-30 (edit) closed Look into structural navigation requirements Janina Sajka 2010-05-19 Media
ACTION-31 (edit) closed Follow up w/ Geoff on comprehensiveness of captioning requirements Judy Brewer 2010-05-12 Media
ACTION-32 (edit) closed Follow up w/ Gunnar Hellstrom on comprehensiveness of secondary signed channel requirements Judy Brewer 2010-05-26 Media
ACTION-33 (edit) closed Draft transcript requirements Sean Hayes 2010-05-12
ACTION-34 (edit) closed Write transcript requirements Sean Hayes 2010-05-19 Media
ACTION-35 (edit) closed Write cues requirements Frank Olivier 2010-05-28 Media
ACTION-36 (edit) closed Draft the message re date and media text spec to send to HTML WG Janina Sajka 2010-05-12 Media
ACTION-37 (edit) closed menu and command mappings due to subteam Cynthia Shelly 2010-05-25 ARIA mapping
ACTION-38 (edit) closed review additional HTML 5 input controls as to whether can be overriden by aria roles Richard Schwerdtfeger 2010-05-18 ARIA mapping
ACTION-39 (edit) closed do new input types Richard Schwerdtfeger 2010-05-18 ARIA mapping
ACTION-40 (edit) closed html4 interactive elements (form and links?) Steve Faulkner 2010-05-18 ARIA mapping
ACTION-41 (edit) closed Review use cases section of media requirements document Geoff Freed 2010-05-19 Media
ACTION-42 (edit) closed Organize a cross-check on requirements with JTC-1 user needs repository Judy Brewer 2010-05-26 Media
ACTION-43 (edit) closed Seek deaf-blind representation in requirements gathering process Judy Brewer 2010-05-26 Media
ACTION-44 (edit) closed - monitor status of @alt in HTML5 spec; when SteveF's Alt Guidance is published, ensure that what is in SteveF's note supersedes or corrects HTML5 verbiage; propose changes to HTML5 based on SteveF's alt doc Cynthia Shelly 2010-07-08
ACTION-45 (edit) closed Structure requirements into a numbered system Silvia Pfeiffer 2010-05-26 Media
ACTION-46 (edit) closed Work with WAI UAWG to find home for "image analysis heuristics" text from HTML5 spec (HTML WG issue 66) Jim Allan 2010-07-08
ACTION-47 (edit) closed File a bug with HTML 5 about making autocomplete consistent with ARIA, per comment 289 Steve Faulkner 2010-09-02
ACTION-48 (edit) closed Synthesize comments and list questions John Foliot 2010-06-16 Media
ACTION-49 (edit) closed Distill results of media requirements survey John Foliot 2010-06-16
ACTION-50 (edit) closed Add some introductory text to requirement docs clarifying that these are user requirements, not necessarily UA requirements Janina Sajka 2010-07-08 Media
ACTION-51 (edit) closed Document rationale for why having aria-labelledby should be an exception for not allowing alt (rebuttal to "layering violation" argument) Steve Faulkner 2010-07-08
ACTION-52 (edit) closed Create a prioritized list due 30 august John Foliot 2010-08-18 Media
ACTION-53 (edit) closed Find location for ncam extended description demos Judy Brewer 2010-08-25 Media
ACTION-54 (edit) closed Follow up that NCAM files can be used in HTML5 testbed Judy Brewer 2010-08-25 Media
ACTION-55 (edit) closed Respond to chairs response for additional information on bug 10066 by forwarding the "Use of WAI-ARIA Roles, States and Properties in HTML" draft spec text and "ARIA in HTML5: replace current text of section 3.2.6" to the HTML WG and chairs Steve Faulkner 2010-08-26
ACTION-56 (edit) closed Respond to chairs response for additional information on bug 10066 by forwarding the "Use of WAI-ARIA Roles, States and Properties in HTML" draft spec text and "ARIA in HTML5: replace current text of section 3.2.6" to the HTML WG and chairs Steve Faulkner 2010-08-26
ACTION-57 (edit) closed Provide background keyboard support for drag and drop (3 weeks) Paul Cotton 2010-09-16
ACTION-58 (edit) closed - ascertain if can allow posting to public-html-a11y by anyone subscribed to public-html Michael[tm] Smith 2010-09-16
ACTION-59 (edit) closed Check into making it possible for any HTML WG member to post to the a11y TF list Michael[tm] Smith 2010-09-16
ACTION-60 (edit) closed Map WACG A, AA, and AAA against our checklist Sean Hayes 2010-09-22 Media
ACTION-61 (edit) closed Cooper to grant Kenny Johar to write ability to the wiki (specifically at Michael Cooper 2010-09-22
ACTION-62 (edit) closed - prepare detailed bugs against accesskey in HTML5, bugs seeking restoration of elements of accesskey from HTML4 that work and are deployed; will identify clearly whether bug refers to HTML4 or HTML5; in preparation for preparing spec ready text for accesskey; will tease out the issues pertaining to @tabindex and COMMAND element Gregory Rosmaita 2010-09-23
ACTION-63 (edit) closed Create a bug on Content navigation by content structure Silvia Pfeiffer 2010-09-29 Media
ACTION-64 (edit) closed File a bug on HTML 5 for Content Navigation by Content Structure due 20101001 Silvia Pfeiffer 2010-09-29 Media
ACTION-65 (edit) closed Will review threads on getting spec text in Judy Brewer 2010-10-06 Media
ACTION-66 (edit) closed Prepare description of problem and basic proposed solution for bug 8885 - run first past bug triage team and then take to TF for consideration [recorded in] Michael Cooper 2010-10-12 Bug Triage
ACTION-67 (edit) closed And Silvia (and perhaps Eric) to file bugs to tweak language in Editors draft Sean Hayes 2010-11-03 Media
ACTION-68 (edit) closed Ensure all relevant bugs are added to the wiki John Foliot 2010-11-03 Media
ACTION-69 (edit) closed Work up checklist table for WebSRT Silvia Pfeiffer 2010-11-03 Media
ACTION-70 (edit) closed Ask Laura to combine working from proposal items 2 and 4 (was HTML WG action 191) Janina Sajka 2010-11-11
ACTION-71 (edit) closed Provide mapping from media accessibility requirements doc to spec changes or guidelines for UAs (was HTML WG action 192) Frank Olivier 2010-11-11 Media
ACTION-72 (edit) closed Draft a change proposal to issue 31 to update the definition of img element (was HTML WG action 194) Gregory Rosmaita 2010-11-12
ACTION-74 (edit) closed Update change proposal on bug 10592 (was HTML WG action 197) Steve Faulkner 2010-11-12 ARIA mapping
ACTION-75 (edit) closed Update change proposal for bug 10594 and 10603 (was HTML WG action 198) Steve Faulkner 2010-11-16 ARIA mapping
ACTION-76 (edit) closed Replace the technology column in our matrix with Frank's categorizations Silvia Pfeiffer 2010-11-18 Media
ACTION-77 (edit) closed update change proposal re bug 10449 Richard Schwerdtfeger 2010-11-18 ARIA mapping
ACTION-78 (edit) closed update change proposal for bug 10448 Cynthia Shelly 2010-11-18 ARIA mapping
ACTION-79 (edit) closed update change proposal for bugs 10444 and 10462 Steve Faulkner 2010-11-18 ARIA mapping
ACTION-80 (edit) closed update change proposal for bug 10481 Steve Faulkner 2010-11-18 ARIA mapping
ACTION-81 (edit) closed file a bug about arriving at spec text that speaks to complexities of how DOM elements behave in the shadowl DOM beneath the canvas Frank Olivier 2010-11-18 Canvas
ACTION-82 (edit) closed file a bug about accessible rich text editing with canvas Richard Schwerdtfeger 2010-11-18 Canvas
ACTION-83 (edit) closed file defects for features necessary for focus ring and magnification Richard Schwerdtfeger 2010-11-18 Canvas
ACTION-84 (edit) closed indicate that old editors' draft of canvas is out-dated and reference new one Cynthia Shelly 2010-11-18 Canvas
ACTION-85 (edit) closed Create a change proposal for ISSUE-80 Léonie Watson 2010-01-13
ACTION-86 (edit) closed Create change proposal for ISSUE-133 Cynthia Shelly 2010-01-13
ACTION-88 (edit) closed Review Media Fragment URI 1.0 Sean Hayes 2010-11-24 Media
ACTION-89 (edit) closed Address how aria-autocomplete relates to HTML autocomplete wrt to aapi - relates to PFWG comment 340 Cynthia Shelly 2014-05-01 HTML 5.1
ACTION-90 (edit) closed Do gap analysis between embedded content use cases and existing support Michael Cooper 2010-12-09
ACTION-91 (edit) closed Review Charles draft of the canvas 2D API Richard Schwerdtfeger 2010-12-13 Canvas
ACTION-92 (edit) closed Write a high level write up of the use of elements to annotate the canvas subtree to support caret, spell and grammar checkers Richard Schwerdtfeger 2015-01-29 Canvas
ACTION-93 (edit) closed find someone to work on change proposal for drag and drop Gregory Rosmaita 2011-01-05
ACTION-94 (edit) closed draft change proposal for html-issue-142 video (poster alt) John Foliot 2011-01-13 Media
ACTION-95 (edit) closed Get Media Sub Team to revisit bug 1195 John Foliot 2011-01-06 Media
ACTION-96 (edit) closed Media Sub Team to revisit bug 11395 (Use media queries to select appropriate <track> elements) Eric Carlson 2011-01-06 Media
ACTION-97 (edit) closed Follow up on bug #9673 John Foliot 2011-01-12 Media
ACTION-98 (edit) closed Create a statement with geoff to forward need for caption and description techniques for wcag Sean Hayes 2011-01-19 Media
ACTION-99 (edit) closed Annotate 9452 with clear audio discovery and selection, as well as independent control of multiple playback tracks Janina Sajka 2011-01-19 Media
ACTION-100 (edit) closed - talk to Laura about decoupling of "what" from "where" in preparation for discussion in WAI CG Janina Sajka 2011-01-20
ACTION-101 (edit) closed - email ARIA Caucus to request a "modal" attribute for ARIA Gregory Rosmaita 2011-03-03
ACTION-102 (edit) closed - draft request for reconsideration on Issue-30 Janina Sajka 2011-01-20
ACTION-103 (edit) closed Compare our WBS results to the 5 existing change proposals on alternative text, looking for best match. Steve Faulkner 2011-02-03
ACTION-104 (edit) closed Post question to HTML working group on whether to limit HTML elements in non-visible content such as the Canvas fallback content Frank Olivier 2011-02-14 Canvas
ACTION-105 (edit) closed - review w3c bugzilla installation versus newest version 4, coordinate with those who volunteered, present options and needs Gregory Rosmaita 2011-04-15
ACTION-106 (edit) closed - prepare keyboard access high-level issues discussion for F2F Gregory Rosmaita 2011-03-03
ACTION-107 (edit) closed Register a bug on "all media elements should have short and long text replacements associated with them" John Foliot 2011-03-09
ACTION-109 (edit) closed File bug on dealing with cues that come out of order Sean Hayes 2011-03-16 Media
ACTION-110 (edit) closed - submit comments on behalf of TF to Gregory Rosmaita 2011-03-24
ACTION-111 (edit) closed Send e-mail message to a11y TF mailing list with a draft summary of the TF consensus position on what exceptions should be allowed for alt-less images (e.g., role=presentation, aria-labeledby, etc.) Steve Faulkner 2011-03-26
ACTION-112 (edit) closed - take SteveF's Lexical Processing prose, add definition of @role, and propose as change proposal Michael Cooper 2011-03-26
ACTION-113 (edit) closed Create a change proposal for longdesc that includes example of how a user agent might render longdesc information Steve Faulkner 2011-03-26
ACTION-114 (edit) closed Work with Steve and go through decisions from Lyon and document them regarding HTML-ISSUE-31 Cynthia Shelly 2011-03-26
ACTION-115 (edit) closed Review ISSUE-133 and consider whether a refined (counter) proposal needs to be submitted Richard Schwerdtfeger 2011-03-26
ACTION-116 (edit) closed Review ISSUE-134 Richard Schwerdtfeger 2011-03-26
ACTION-117 (edit) closed Raise Bug 11391 with media sub-team John Foliot 2011-03-26 Media
ACTION-118 (edit) closed Review if HTML drag and drop model conflicts with ARIA drag and drop model Gez Lemon 2011-03-27 ARIA mapping
ACTION-119 (edit) closed Add an agenda item for next week's telcon for issue 147 Michael[tm] Smith 2011-03-27
ACTION-120 (edit) closed Send a draft statement on longdesc to the TF by early next week, in anticipation of polling the TF to measure agreement on the position statement in that draft John Foliot 2011-03-31
ACTION-121 (edit) closed look into figcaption & alt decision with GeoffF Judy Brewer 2011-05-02 Text
ACTION-122 (edit) closed SteveF and RichS to draft reply to role="presentation" sub-decision for discussion at 2011-05-02 meeting Steve Faulkner 2011-05-02 Text
ACTION-123 (edit) closed add terse statement about role="presentation" to RS and JB's prose and repost to list Steve Faulkner 2011-05-02 Text
ACTION-124 (edit) closed JohnF, judy, sean work on reclarification email on poster-alt (alt-poster) John Foliot 2011-05-02 Text
ACTION-125 (edit) closed draft clarification email for @summary for HTML WG chairs for review and approval by this subgroup Gregory Rosmaita 2011-05-02 Text
ACTION-126 (edit) closed Take the user reqs and tech reqs and get that published under PF Janina Sajka 2011-05-18 Media
ACTION-127 (edit) closed Work with authors of HTML alt techniques document and HTML a11y user agent implementation guide to add the aria-describedby video example there Janina Sajka 2011-06-01 Media
ACTION-128 (edit) closed Follow-up on @transcript attribute Silvia Pfeiffer 2011-06-01 Media
ACTION-129 (edit) closed Carry to PF the request to clarify that ARIA Described-by text can include markup, and that any such markup needs to be exposed to a11y apis Janina Sajka 2011-06-08
ACTION-130 (edit) closed Should file bugs on this John Foliot 2011-06-15
ACTION-131 (edit) closed Write whitepaper on ARIA features that seem similar to HTML features but aren't Richard Schwerdtfeger 2011-08-04 ARIA mapping
ACTION-132 (edit) closed Follow up with Greg Lowney on bug 13623 Michael Cooper 2011-10-13
ACTION-133 (edit) closed Get with Gregg Lowney on bug 13591 Michael Cooper 2011-10-13
ACTION-134 (edit) closed Follow up on bug 13570 Cynthia Shelly 2011-10-13
ACTION-135 (edit) closed Get with Gregory Rosmaita and Greg Lowney on 13564 Michael Cooper 2011-10-13
ACTION-136 (edit) closed Describe the issues of controls vs. no controls John Foliot 2013-02-07 Media
ACTION-137 (edit) closed Review HTML spec, make sure 'click' fires with primary key press (space or enter/return) on any element, including elements like 'div' which are not natively focusable Cynthia Shelly 2012-01-18
ACTION-138 (edit) closed Find or set up location for jquery that can be referenced by W3C specs and kept current / versioned Michael Cooper 2013-01-25
ACTION-139 (edit) closed Re-work the 204 V3 CP to a V4 that uses MAY language by due Monday June 25 John Foliot 2012-06-25
ACTION-140 (edit) closed Will recommend language changes to clarify exit criteria implementation expectations... John Foliot 2012-10-04
ACTION-141 (edit) closed File two HTML defects on his raised issues: 1) to determine whether @hidden overrides all CSS, and 2) to determine where focus goes when a focused element becomes hidden. Michael Cooper 2012-10-11
ACTION-142 (edit) closed File HTML bug about methods that should fail when an element has @hidden set Cynthia Shelly 2015-02-12
ACTION-143 (edit) closed Chase ISSUE-194 by getting to FPWD proposals drafted Steve Faulkner 2012-11-15
ACTION-144 (edit) closed Check whether we should be looking into accesskeys as an HTML 5.1 issue Charles McCathie Nevile 2014-07-15 HTML 5.1
ACTION-145 (edit) closed Inform HTML WG and PF about inpending CFC on longdesc spec Janina Sajka 2012-11-15
ACTION-146 (edit) closed Publish updated draft and call for consensus running until Monday 26th Charles McCathie Nevile 2012-11-22
ACTION-147 (edit) closed Organise meeting between co-chairs and HTML editors to see if we can peacefully resolve the alt text guidance issue Charles McCathie Nevile 2012-11-22
ACTION-148 (edit) closed Do a summary of the 2 competing proposals for Issue 194 John Foliot 2013-02-07
ACTION-149 (edit) closed Follow up old action items and see which remain relevent Charles McCathie Nevile 2012-12-13
ACTION-150 (edit) closed Report on what HTML editors are doing wrt alt text issues Charles McCathie Nevile 2012-12-13
ACTION-151 (edit) closed Start putting a Bugzilla Cheat Sheet together for TF due 20130201 Janina Sajka 2012-12-20
ACTION-152 (edit) closed Resend email call for consensus on resolutions ... email about longdesc objections... updating it with James... Steve Faulkner 2013-01-17
ACTION-153 (edit) closed Leonie to put tooltip bug into html5 next wiki Léonie Watson 2013-01-17
ACTION-154 (edit) closed Investigate bug 13275 and whether we need to worry about it John Foliot 2013-02-07
ACTION-155 (edit) closed - point UAWG to bug John Foliot 2013-02-07
ACTION-156 (edit) closed Create a new bug for alt text bug cleanup and associate 8827 with that Steve Faulkner 2013-02-21
ACTION-157 (edit) closed Reopen and revisit 8872 as a possible master bug for alt Steve Faulkner 2013-02-21
ACTION-158 (edit) closed Figure out how to talk about transcripts and controls at F2F Charles McCathie Nevile 2013-03-28
ACTION-159 (edit) closed See if there is time and people to talk about HTML mapping Charles McCathie Nevile 2013-03-28
ACTION-160 (edit) closed McCathie Nevile to review bug 10782, and either verify/close it, or provide new information and re-open it under the relevant version of the spec Charles McCathie Nevile 2013-06-12
ACTION-161 (edit) closed McCathie Nevile to review bug 10888, and either verify/close it, or provide new information and re-open it under the relevant version of the spec Charles McCathie Nevile 2013-06-12
ACTION-162 (edit) closed McCathie Nevile to review bug 10994, and either verify/close it, or provide new information and re-open it under the relevant version of the spec Charles McCathie Nevile 2013-06-12
ACTION-163 (edit) closed McCathie Nevile to review bug 10252, and either verify/close it, or provide new information and re-open it under the relevant version of the spec Charles McCathie Nevile 2013-06-12
ACTION-164 (edit) closed McCathie Nevile to review bug 11140, and either verify/close it, or provide new information and re-open it under the relevant version of the spec Charles McCathie Nevile 2013-06-12
ACTION-165 (edit) closed Shelley to review bug 13566, and either verify/close it, or provide new information and re-open it under the relevant version of the spec Cynthia Shelly 2013-06-12
ACTION-166 (edit) closed Shelley to review bug 13560, and either verify/close it, or provide new information and re-open it under the relevant version of the spec Cynthia Shelly 2013-06-12
ACTION-167 (edit) closed Shelley to review bug 13553, and either verify/close it, or provide new information and re-open it under the relevant version of the spec Cynthia Shelly 2013-06-12
ACTION-168 (edit) closed Shelley to review bug 13549, and either verify/close it, or provide new information and re-open it under the relevant version of the spec Cynthia Shelly 2013-06-12
ACTION-169 (edit) closed Shelley to review bug 13511, and either verify/close it, or provide new information and re-open it under the relevant version of the spec Cynthia Shelly 2013-06-12
ACTION-170 (edit) closed Faulkner to review bug 13550, and either verify/close it, or provide new information and re-open it under the relevant version of the spec Steve Faulkner 2013-06-12
ACTION-171 (edit) closed Faulkner to review bug 13548, and either verify/close it, or provide new information and re-open it under the relevant version of the spec Steve Faulkner 2013-06-12
ACTION-172 (edit) closed Faulkner to review bug 9817, and either verify/close it, or provide new information and re-open it under the relevant version of the spec Steve Faulkner 2013-06-12
ACTION-173 (edit) closed Foliot to review bug 13430, and either verify/close it, or provide new information and re-open it under the relevant version of the spec John Foliot 2013-06-12
ACTION-174 (edit) closed Ford to review bug 13635, and either verify/close it, or provide new information and re-open it under the relevant version of the spec Kelly Ford 2013-06-12
ACTION-175 (edit) closed Schwerdtfeger to review bug 13665, and either verify/close it, or provide new information and re-open it under the relevant version of the spec Richard Schwerdtfeger 2013-06-12
ACTION-176 (edit) closed Schwerdtfeger to review bug 13541, and either verify/close it, or provide new information and re-open it under the relevant version of the spec Richard Schwerdtfeger 2013-06-12
ACTION-177 (edit) closed Will close bugs Charles McCathie Nevile 2013-04-25
ACTION-178 (edit) closed Send recruiting call to TF mailing list Charles McCathie Nevile 2013-05-09
ACTION-179 (edit) closed Post a modified version of leonie's wiki page summary Charles McCathie Nevile 2013-05-09
ACTION-180 (edit) closed Look into bug 13451 Charles McCathie Nevile 2013-05-16
ACTION-181 (edit) closed Set up coordination of spec review for the TF chairs with the HTML WG chairs Charles McCathie Nevile 2013-05-23
ACTION-182 (edit) closed Insure that Leonie is looped into action-181 Charles McCathie Nevile 2013-05-23
ACTION-183 (edit) closed Set up a WBS survey to determine a good time for the review meetings Mark Sadecki 2013-06-06
ACTION-184 (edit) closed provide feedback on third paragraph if TF Work Statement and section on participation. Current draft is here: Charles McCathie Nevile 2013-07-01
ACTION-185 (edit) closed Talk to HTML chairs and check whether we really need masses of work, or can just sort this out Charles McCathie Nevile 2013-07-04
ACTION-186 (edit) closed Summarise the implementation status for accessibility as a response to the CfC Mark Sadecki 2013-07-18
ACTION-187 (edit) closed Find someone from AIsquared. Janina Sajka 2013-08-12
ACTION-188 (edit) closed Email list for volunteers to take up items for testing work Mark Sadecki 2013-08-12
ACTION-190 (edit) closed Add charles descriptions to the proposed longdesc tests Mark Sadecki 2013-08-22
ACTION-191 (edit) closed Provide pointer for web components work to the list Charles McCathie Nevile 2013-08-22
ACTION-192 (edit) closed Get list of tf documents Mark Sadecki 2013-09-16
ACTION-193 (edit) closed File bugs on where category info can be added to alt attributes Mark Sadecki 2013-09-19
ACTION-194 (edit) closed Follow up with wcag on providing feedback on alt advise document, specifically on the use of class/category info on images, especially when contained within hyperlinks. Mark Sadecki 2013-09-19
ACTION-195 (edit) closed Contact edu folks re: mathml support and failure status in 2 weeks John Foliot 2013-09-19
ACTION-196 (edit) closed Write wbs survey checking consensus on adopting each proposed longdesc test Mark Sadecki 2013-09-30
ACTION-197 (edit) closed Write wbs survey checking consensus on adopting each proposed longdesc test Mark Sadecki 2013-09-30
ACTION-198 (edit) closed Add a constraint that cfc should run over a teleconf so it can be an agenda item. Charles McCathie Nevile 2013-09-30
ACTION-199 (edit) closed Clarify what is a formal response in the decision policy. Charles McCathie Nevile 2013-09-30
ACTION-200 (edit) closed Test longdesc in apis Mark Sadecki 2013-10-10
ACTION-201 (edit) closed Look for review of mse in the tf Charles McCathie Nevile 2013-10-10
ACTION-202 (edit) closed Look at mse spec Mark Sadecki 2013-10-10
ACTION-203 (edit) closed Provide test results for longdesc in apis Steve Faulkner 2013-10-14
ACTION-204 (edit) closed Send email on wednesday with proposed responses to lc comments Mark Sadecki 2013-10-14
ACTION-205 (edit) closed Post consensus procedures proposal on the web Mark Sadecki 2013-10-14
ACTION-206 (edit) closed Start cfc on consensus procedures Charles McCathie Nevile 2013-10-14
ACTION-207 (edit) closed Call for reviews on mse Charles McCathie Nevile 2013-10-14
ACTION-208 (edit) closed Coordinate putting the tests into the html harness Mark Sadecki 2013-10-24
ACTION-209 (edit) closed Request that the mse spec be explicit that parallel tracks (e.g. for accessibility) need to be re-synched when jumping around a streamed resource Charles McCathie Nevile 2013-10-17
ACTION-210 (edit) closed Create new bug html5.1 and link to original 13511 Cynthia Shelly 2013-10-24
ACTION-211 (edit) closed Create wbs so html wg participants can join tf Mark Sadecki 2013-10-31
ACTION-212 (edit) closed Post meeting dates for next month... Charles McCathie Nevile 2013-11-07
ACTION-213 (edit) closed Frame the questions as outlined by paul for a tf cfc Charles McCathie Nevile 2013-11-07
ACTION-214 (edit) closed Talk to html chairs about canvas cfc. Charles McCathie Nevile 2013-11-14
ACTION-215 (edit) closed Work with jatinder to open issues on canvas api Philippe Le Hégaret 2013-11-28 Canvas
ACTION-216 (edit) closed Communicate the results of the cfc on canvas features. Charles McCathie Nevile 2013-12-02
ACTION-217 (edit) closed Follow up mse comments and give chaals something for the agenda for this thursday. Janina Sajka 2013-12-09
ACTION-218 (edit) closed Announce plans for december/jan meetings as discussed Charles McCathie Nevile 2013-12-09
ACTION-219 (edit) closed Bring back a proposal for how the tf should deal with html bug 23661 (normative change, informative editorial change, …) Janina Sajka 2013-12-12
ACTION-220 (edit) closed Follow up on getting the canvas sub-team working Mark Sadecki 2013-12-12
ACTION-221 (edit) closed Raise a bug on html5 to clarify that sign language videos are an important accessibility use case for multiple video tracks. Charles McCathie Nevile 2015-01-22
ACTION-222 (edit) closed Draft up cr exit criteria for longdesc Mark Sadecki 2013-12-23
ACTION-223 (edit) closed Write a note to media tf re: adding note to addsourcebuffer Charles McCathie Nevile 2013-12-23
ACTION-224 (edit) closed Open bug against 2d canvas for drawsystemfocusring to inform assistive technologies of the location event when it does not have focus Richard Schwerdtfeger 2013-12-23
ACTION-225 (edit) closed Update his tests in Philippe Le Hégaret 2014-01-21
ACTION-226 (edit) closed Tell james nurthen about the outstanding issues on imagemaps Steve Faulkner 2014-01-23
ACTION-227 (edit) closed Email group for next bug triage meeting Mark Sadecki 2014-01-30
ACTION-228 (edit) closed Produce a list of the bugs relating to the alt guidance changes Steve Faulkner 2014-02-06
ACTION-229 (edit) closed Add jf to tf Mark Sadecki 2014-02-13
ACTION-230 (edit) closed Query the list for interest/availability for html f2f Mark Sadecki 2014-02-27
ACTION-231 (edit) closed Have a time estimate for longdesc transition by next week Mark Sadecki 2014-02-27
ACTION-232 (edit) closed Process these bugs: Mark Sadecki 2014-03-05
ACTION-233 (edit) closed Raise bug 13434 to the tf by email Léonie Watson 2014-03-06
ACTION-234 (edit) closed Raise bug 13435 to tf in email Léonie Watson 2014-03-06
ACTION-235 (edit) closed Put text alternative guidance on the f2f agenda Charles McCathie Nevile 2014-03-17
ACTION-236 (edit) closed Add mroe times to the survey and try it again. Mark Sadecki 2014-03-17
ACTION-237 (edit) closed Locate comments and processing notes from shenzhen Mark Sadecki 2014-04-07 Media
ACTION-238 (edit) closed Ensure that review of alt guidance page (not in the html spec) is on the tf agenda Charles McCathie Nevile 2014-04-10
ACTION-239 (edit) closed Put a review of the html alt guidance on the agenda, and call for consensus to stop work on the original guidance note Charles McCathie Nevile 2014-04-10
ACTION-240 (edit) closed Rewrite the exit criteria to match the current understanding Charles McCathie Nevile 2014-04-10
ACTION-241 (edit) closed Find evidence that user agent refers to entire stack Mark Sadecki 2014-04-10
ACTION-242 (edit) closed Come up with a bugzilla search to track html5.1 with a11ytf keyword Mark Sadecki 2014-05-07
ACTION-243 (edit) closed Test for linux accessibility apis showing longdesc. Janina Sajka 2014-05-08
ACTION-244 (edit) closed Send cfc to tf re alt Janina Sajka 2014-05-12
ACTION-245 (edit) closed Take the table summary issue to the wcag techniques wg John Foliot 2014-05-15
ACTION-246 (edit) closed Enter comment into old tracker Mark Sadecki 2014-05-19
ACTION-247 (edit) closed Process but 13437 John Foliot 2014-05-19
ACTION-248 (edit) closed Email point people for html5.1 issues Mark Sadecki 2014-05-22
ACTION-249 (edit) closed Talk to uawg re unique focus object Mark Sadecki 2014-05-26
ACTION-250 (edit) closed Review use-cases 8-12 for accessibiloity considerations John Foliot 2014-05-26
ACTION-251 (edit) closed Turn notes on uc 1-7 into something more formal Mark Sadecki 2014-05-26
ACTION-252 (edit) closed Log bug on focus ring in ff Mark Sadecki 2014-05-26
ACTION-253 (edit) closed Talk to html about the branching l2, creating l3 and starting new canvas telecon Mark Sadecki 2014-05-26
ACTION-254 (edit) closed Summarise numerically what happened to bugs that went through triage Léonie Watson 2014-05-29
ACTION-255 (edit) closed Look into calendaring in yandex Charles McCathie Nevile 2014-05-29
ACTION-256 (edit) closed Create a wiki page dealing with math accessibility Charles McCathie Nevile 2015-01-15
ACTION-257 (edit) closed Present on transcript and media descriptions John Foliot 2014-08-07
ACTION-258 (edit) closed Present on date ui in tf meeting. due 2014-07-20 Janina Sajka 2015-01-22
ACTION-259 (edit) closed Present accesskey in tf meeting. Charles McCathie Nevile 2014-07-17
ACTION-260 (edit) closed Present web payments in tf meeting Shane McCarron 2015-07-30
ACTION-261 (edit) closed Present realtime chat in tf meeting Léonie Watson 2014-06-26
ACTION-262 (edit) closed Present on menus in tf meeting Cynthia Shelly 2014-07-24
ACTION-263 (edit) closed Top contact wayne dick for input on css2 system colours issue John Foliot 2014-06-05
ACTION-264 (edit) closed Remove reference to uawg email in seciton 4.8 Mark Sadecki 2014-06-09
ACTION-265 (edit) closed Put 5.1 topic calendar on wiki Mark Sadecki 2014-06-12
ACTION-266 (edit) closed Clarify reason for using "subtitle" superset term as opposed to "captions" subset Janina Sajka 2014-06-18
ACTION-267 (edit) closed Draft comment responses for maur Mark Sadecki 2014-06-23
ACTION-268 (edit) closed Publish heartbeat draft of maur by 2014-06-26 Mark Sadecki 2014-06-26
ACTION-269 (edit) closed Expand scope of work to include specification related to canvas Mark Sadecki 2014-06-23
ACTION-270 (edit) closed Follow up on Mark Sadecki 2014-07-02
ACTION-271 (edit) closed Change the component to 5.1 and reference these minutes Mark Sadecki 2014-07-02
ACTION-272 (edit) closed Update the component on all bugs referenced in to tf component Léonie Watson 2014-07-02
ACTION-273 (edit) closed Look more closely at and add comments Léonie Watson 2015-01-22
ACTION-274 (edit) closed Add more information to Cynthia Shelly 2015-09-01
ACTION-275 (edit) closed Look at the requirments, and suggest changes Shane McCarron 2014-07-07
ACTION-276 (edit) closed Revisit whether to require transcripts be html5 John Foliot 2014-07-21
ACTION-277 (edit) closed Work with liam to progress text alternative wg note Janina Sajka 2014-07-31
ACTION-278 (edit) closed And jf to present on picture element and srcset for a11y concerns Mark Sadecki 2014-08-07
ACTION-279 (edit) closed Will provide w3c uri for the implementation grid and tests and list of agreed tests Charles McCathie Nevile 2014-08-14
ACTION-280 (edit) closed And joanie to sync to add her tests to implementation report Charles McCathie Nevile 2014-08-28
ACTION-281 (edit) closed And charles to work with facilitators to move questions discussed her forward Janina Sajka 2014-08-28
ACTION-282 (edit) closed Communicate plan to html wg chairs so they know the hoped for synch schedule between the cfc's Janina Sajka 2014-09-11
ACTION-283 (edit) closed Create a test file and send to rik for debugging Mark Sadecki 2014-09-15
ACTION-284 (edit) closed Clean up the last little details to make the Web accessible Liam Quin 2014-10-09
ACTION-285 (edit) closed Foliot to update list of possible eme features at accessibility risk, and reply to tag bug. John Foliot 2014-10-23
ACTION-286 (edit) closed Sajka to work with john foliot and mark sadeckit to test accessibility of available eme examples. Janina Sajka 2014-10-23
ACTION-287 (edit) closed Ask security, privacy and tag people to comment on bug 23614. Charles McCathie Nevile 2014-11-20
ACTION-288 (edit) closed Look into whether there is a good way to address the concern about linking the items in section 2 into other w3c resources Janina Sajka 2014-11-24
ACTION-289 (edit) closed Find a way to get the wiki contents into an appendix Shane McCarron 2014-11-24
ACTION-290 (edit) closed Update checklist to reflect new naming of sections John Foliot 2014-12-08
ACTION-291 (edit) closed Check bugzilla for where to file alt not bugs Liam Quin 2014-12-18
ACTION-292 (edit) closed see if applies to html 5.1 John Foliot 2014-12-18
ACTION-293 (edit) closed Incorporate nigel's comment Shane McCarron 2014-12-22
ACTION-294 (edit) closed Talk torobin about an accesskey (maybe etc) module for html Charles McCathie Nevile 2015-01-15
ACTION-295 (edit) closed Point josh from smith kettlewell to the muar document Judy Brewer 2015-01-10
ACTION-296 (edit) closed Present substantive alt note bugs Liam Quin 2015-02-05
ACTION-298 (edit) closed Set the focus management discussion up in html wg Charles McCathie Nevile 2015-01-22
ACTION-299 (edit) closed Work with richs and make sure html/tf know about plans for accessiiblity mapping documents. Charles McCathie Nevile 2015-01-22
ACTION-300 (edit) closed Draft use cases for transcripts John Foliot 2015-02-05
ACTION-301 (edit) closed Contribute use cases to johnf Charles McCathie Nevile 2015-01-29
ACTION-302 (edit) closed Rationalise alt doc bugs to a single component/etc Liam Quin 2015-02-05
ACTION-303 (edit) closed Present alt doc changes Shane McCarron 2015-02-12
ACTION-304 (edit) closed Contact wcag chairs and work out how to coordinate discussion on alt doc Charles McCathie Nevile 2015-02-02
ACTION-305 (edit) closed Talk to davidm and dpub, and present footnotes here (do we need to do more, …) Shane McCarron 2015-02-12
ACTION-306 (edit) closed Chase up accessibilty concerns on web components Charles McCathie Nevile 2015-02-05
ACTION-307 (edit) closed Illustrate the duplications between html5 and alt-techniques Shane McCarron 2015-02-19
ACTION-308 (edit) closed Talk to josh about "discuss hybrid extended/inline case." - expand please John Foliot 2015-03-02
ACTION-309 (edit) closed Call for consensus on whether to meet with the other html task forces in redmond, 15-16 april Charles McCathie Nevile 2015-03-05
ACTION-310 (edit) closed Coordinate with robin, find out when the plan will have taken account of concerns expressed and invite robin to a tf meeting at that point to explain it to us. Charles McCathie Nevile 2015-03-05
ACTION-311 (edit) closed Coordinate with robin, find out when the plan will have taken account of concerns expressed and invite robin to a tf meeting at that point to explain it to us. Charles McCathie Nevile 2015-03-05
ACTION-312 (edit) closed Review bug 27054 and check it's ok Léonie Watson 2015-04-02
ACTION-313 (edit) closed Cotton to talk to canvas editorial/editors about starting the lc process. Paul Cotton 2015-04-16
ACTION-314 (edit) closed Adding explanations of what transcripts might be 05/01/2015 John Foliot 2015-05-14
ACTION-315 (edit) closed Revising the transcript proposal from yesterday due 05/01/2015 John Foliot 2015-05-14
ACTION-316 (edit) closed Show how to use the proposal to meet various use cases 05/01/2015 John Foliot 2015-05-14
ACTION-317 (edit) closed Look at the mse and spliced advertising cases in particular 05/01/2015 Charles McCathie Nevile 2015-07-10 HTML-Transcript
ACTION-318 (edit) closed Work with léonie on describing the extensions requested to web driver, and the motivation… Cynthia Shelly 2015-10-11
ACTION-319 (edit) closed Talk to tag about transcript architecture Charles McCathie Nevile 2015-05-07 HTML 5.1
ACTION-320 (edit) closed Get the alt stub published. Liam Quin 2015-05-21
ACTION-321 (edit) closed to schedule wbex practice call immediately after next week's meeting, and others as we feel we can manage them and need them, until everyone knows how it wokrs. Liam Quin 2015-05-21
ACTION-322 (edit) closed Check with rich next week on testing of new accessibility features Charles McCathie Nevile 2015-06-10 Canvas
ACTION-323 (edit) closed Draft a transcript extension specification Charles McCathie Nevile 2015-06-04
ACTION-324 (edit) closed Tell the rest of the world about tab panels. Charles McCathie Nevile 2015-06-12
ACTION-325 (edit) closed bug triage Charles McCathie Nevile 2015-06-11
ACTION-326 (edit) closed Talk to plh urgently in order to work out if chrome really passes or fails on hitregions Richard Schwerdtfeger 2015-07-02
ACTION-327 (edit) closed Check if chrome hitregion implementation actually works Mark Sadecki 2015-07-09
ACTION-329 (edit) closed Take up "media descriptions" topic in the tf Charles McCathie Nevile 2015-07-16
ACTION-330 (edit) closed Get the matrix to shane… John Foliot 2015-07-16
ACTION-331 (edit) closed Review the transcript spec and report back to the tf. John Foliot 2015-09-10
ACTION-332 (edit) closed Reach out to Leonie regarding High Level User Events Philippe Le Hégaret 2015-09-17
ACTION-333 (edit) closed Go look at the cfc chaals pointed out Philippe Le Hégaret 2015-10-01
ACTION-335 (edit) closed Start a cfc to publish maur as a note Janina Sajka 2015-10-08
ACTION-336 (edit) closed Explain the ime / cententeditable issue in email Charles McCathie Nevile 2015-10-08
ACTION-337 (edit) closed Add contenteditable and ime issues to tpac agenda Charles McCathie Nevile 2015-10-08
ACTION-338 (edit) closed Investigate whether mediacontroller is really the critical piece for the functionality of synching sign-language videos, audio description, etc, or just a bit of spec… Charles McCathie Nevile 2015-10-15
ACTION-339 (edit) closed Forward roc's demo and explain why he thinks the accesssibility issue of dropping mediacontroller is moot Charles McCathie Nevile 2015-10-22
ACTION-340 (edit) closed Post pointer to the input-modality proposal Charles McCathie Nevile 2015-11-12
ACTION-341 (edit) closed Update us on the status of footnotes Shane McCarron 2015-11-12

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