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ACTION-14 (edit) pending review - work with Canvas sub-group on tactile and braille media types/groups proposal for CSS WG Gregory Rosmaita 2010-02-14
ACTION-73 (edit) pending review Propose replacement example for lady of shallot example of purely decorative use of image with code example of one of the use cases provided in prose introducing the example (was HTML WG action 195) Gregory Rosmaita 2010-11-12
ACTION-87 (edit) pending review Create change proposal for ISSUE-134 Gregory Rosmaita 2011-01-05
ACTION-108 (edit) pending review Have bug triage subgroup review the bugs associated with HTML WG ISSUE-9 (bugs 5758, 8187, 8657, 8658, 8659, 8736) Martin Kliehm 2011-03-10 Media

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