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User page for Myndex Research, working with the Silver Task Force and Low Vision Task Force for WCAG 3 in the areas of visual perception and color, with applications for readability.

Some links to SAPC and APCA resources.

Master Catalog of Resources


Easy Intro to APCA

APCA contrast tool for web developers.

GitHub APCA Repository.

The Myndex Color Vision Deficiency aka Colorblind Simulator


What’s Red & Black & Also Not Read? Do the WCAG 2 contrast guidelines help color vision deficiencies? We look into the user needs of various color insensitive types

A Contrast of Errors The WCAG 2 contrast guidelines have been around for fourteen years. The march of technology, and a better understanding of vision says it’s time to upgrade.

The Lighter Side of Dark Backgrounds (A comparison of APCA vs WCAG 2.0)

Orange You Wondering About Contrast? (The "orange" problem exposed!)

Where's The Luv? (discussion of the LUV colorspace)

Will Work For Color Color Manglement and Working Spaces.

Luminance Contrast Lots of examples and sample equations. A discussion and code examples for determining Luminance, and various methods of determining luminance contrast. (Written prior to our invention of SAPC/ACPA)

Gradients in Space Colorspace that is — several examples of how gradients differ depending on the color space they are calculated in.

Gradients p2: Lstar WARS Episode IV - A New Color Which Colorspace is Best for Mixing Colors?

Legacy Material for Archive Purposes

Legacy Visual Contrast Wiki for Silver/WCAG 3

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See Also the Low Vision Task Force Wiki

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Links to W3C/WCAG3 Repo Issues & New Wiki

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WCAG 3 Issues at GitHub

These are issue posts related to Visual Contrast Research at the W3C/WCAG3 at GitHub.

WCAG 3 Wiki at GitHub

These are WCAG 3 Wiki entries that relate to user needs which are at least tangentially connected to Visual Contrast and Presentation.

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