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This is the landing page for the Alt Text subgroup.

Comments on the WCAG3 FPWD

This is a link to the Github comments from WCAG3 First Public Working Draft (FPWD) that have been assigned to the Alt Text subgroup.



updated on 8th December 2021.

We were done with the Phase 1. We copied any existing W3C's materials and paste them to the following Method documents. The W3C materials we reviewed include:

Note that we haven't edited/modified/added/removed anything at all. We just copied and pasted them to show how SC in WCAG 2.x will be migrated to WCAG 3.

Method documents:


For the FPWD:



From W3C / WAI


What we are working on

We're currently working on the followings.

  • Review the Gaps Analysis on Techniques for SC 1.1.1 Todd did in 2019 and update Method documents.
  • Create new issues for WCAG 2.x on WCAG Wiki.
  • Create a new document on how to write more equivalent text alternatives based on the "context".
  • Figure out how "An Alt Decision Tree" can be incorporated into the Alt Text Guideline.


  • Makoto Ueki
  • Todd Marquis Boutin
  • Maya Sellon
  • Caroline Desrosiers

Past Participants

  • Cybele Sack
  • Jennifer Chadwick