2019 FTF meeting outcomes

From Cognitive Accessibility Task Force

Official meeting page https://www.w3.org/WAI/PF/cognitive-a11y-tf/wiki/Meetings/Jan_2019 (travel coord at https://docs.google.com/document/d/18TJ8JAC0u0Fa64MnONOA2Cs8MBTcJQxfnFDqK6KVxD0/edit#)

Summary of what was discussed and a list of “to do” items we have identified in the meeting

gap analysis

  • build the user stories for gap annalisis
  • Re-use gap analysis stories. Videos - animations
  • Restructure Gap analysis
  • Jennie, Jamie, E.A.& Steve are to clarify the user experience for 3.1 Authenticaion and Safety

Note we will reuse these user stories and expernce

silver and wcag

  • Page on our user needs per wcag 4 items…jamie with alister lisa / rachael ??
  • Prototype plain language and familiar design for Silver, Rachael , Jamie, John Kirkwood (Lisa to arrange sub call)
  • Find subgroup who can work on/with wcag , chairing older and newbies (rachael ??



  • Everyone add to Glossary term contents and SL/MC decide editorial process / tooling
  • Steve - identify terms that need to be defined first

Voting for WCAG 2.2 Winners

  • Make it easy to find the most important thing
  • Make it easy to Undo Errors
  • Do not Rely in user Memory for Information
  • Make it easy to use help

See https://docs.google.com/document/d/174PnVZUaRx7lUnZI8_xl7aeN_6Lztv7aj9C_u7ArPpg/edit#heading=h.m55gt7y7nhr1

Also ran

Avoid data loss and timeout , Be internally consistent

New Web page mock ups

Source is in wai-coga repo on GitHub

Design guide work

  • Consistent terms in use doc
  • Change terms in guide (patterns and objectives
  • Put in the changes from the overlap conversation into the document - steve
  • Update the table - Steve
  • Sign up for writing design patterns (everyone)
  • Review
  • Revit the terms used change
  • themes concepts (objectives methodologies )
  • Items - patents ?... 2.3 design patterns
  • More details / apply this pattern
  • (jamie make examples)
  • Using similar wording in the guided
  • User reconsable

misc A bit of reserch into animation and vidio (jamie0