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Working Draft: Improving the Accessibility of Your Website

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This page is the working draft of the Implementation Plan page. This page will be used to develop the structure, capture thoughts and ideas, and bring together all the content. Feel free to add comments into this page or pass them on to the EO Editors mailing list.

Improving the Accessibility of Your Website



Need to outline that these are additional considerations from the basic planning for accessibility. What items from that document are relevant? What is not? Again, who is this for, what will they get, what is the structure. Keeping the same structure as the planning page may be useful as the consistency makes the differences more obvious.

There is a significant overlap between the sections on this page and those on the Implementation page. To avoid repeating this material it may be useful to refer to those parts which are the same and highlight any minor differences. This includes:

  • Exploring your organizational awareness
  • Develop organizational policy
  • Review available resources
  • Procurement and commissioning - although may be more about defining scope of task with any third party as can make it specific to identified barriers
  • Communicating and sharing - although there may be identified barriers left that need to be communicated internally and externally
  • Maintenance and monitoring - although there may be identified barriers left over that need to be rolled over into the next opportunity for fixes. How are these barriers captured? Is this a question for Assessing the situation

Determine scope


Differs from planning as there is an existing site or service but many of the same questions. Also, is this an isolated retrofitting project, part of a broader change, or minor changes? Timescale is an important factor here as well.

Assessing the situation


Need to thoroughly review and test the site or service identified in the scope. This provides a clear set of barriers to be addressed.

Prioritizing solutions


Do by impact on users and/or ease of addressing. Resources are ideally targeted at high impact/easy fix barriers and then work from there.

Project life cycle


Less emphasis on starting early as it is already too late. More information available on how long fixes are likely to take. This can be planned in.

Building an accessibility team


This may be more about how to develop an existing team. What additional resources are required? Are changes required in the way the organization is structure to accommodate on-going projects. Perhaps these are questions for the planning as well.