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WCAG Overview Notes

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Thoughts on how we might want to update this page:

  • New comments @@Denis (2012/06/29)
    • WCAG being now also known as ISO/IEC 40500 - make it clear that they both are the same now (mention translations)
    • Remove the mentions to WCAG1 as they're now outdated
    • Maybe mention the four founding principles of WCAG2
    • Talk about ATAG and UAAG at the end of the page as this is a WCAG document
    • Actualize the list of people wCAG is intended for by looking at WACEM's list
    • Change "WAI plans to update Understanding WCAG 2.0 documents and Techniques for WCAG 2.0 periodically" to "WAI updates Understanding WCAG 2.0 documents and Techniques for WCAG 2.0 periodically".
    • Mention the types of techniques that can be found (PDF, Flash, CSS, etc.)
    • Make the document a little bit more conversational
    • Maybe remove the second and third paragraphs from the last section (How develops WCAG)