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Video-Based Resources/Contacting Organizations

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Encourage end-users to reach out to organizations and provide them with feedback on accessibility, to help them improve.


  • Educate end-users on the importance of reaching out to organizations
  • Promote a constructive tone, even when there are significant issues
  • Encourage organizations to adopt an open dialog with their customers

Primary Audience

  • End-users who encounter accessibility barriers but do not take action
  • Accessibility advocates who want organizations to learn about issues


Mostly animated video (eg. whiteboard with concepts appearing as they are explained, illustrations of main concepts, keywords being emphasized, etc.).

Outline (~1 minute)

This video is intended to be integrated into the resource Contacting Organizations about Inaccessible Websites

  • Opening
  • "Have you ever encountered websites and apps that were too difficult for you to use, because of accessibility barriers?"
  • "For example, text was too small, navigation was too confusing, or you could not use them with your assistive technology?"
  • "Many organizations may be unaware of accessibility issues and will often appreciate your feedback that helps them improve"
  • "Sometimes issues can be fixed right away while at other times they may need a more elaborate redesign to fully address"
  • "Your feedback may be the initiator or the tipping point for such improvement, for you and for potentially many more people"
  • "Just remember that despite the justified frustration you may be feeling, constructive approaches often yield best results"
  • "Responsible organizations typically respond within just one or two days, at least to confirm your feedback was received"
  • "Sometimes even a small nudge can lead to a big different, so let your voice be heard"
  • Closing


This work is supported by the EC-funded WAI-Guide Project.