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Understanding docs Revision Process

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Understanding Documents Revision Process

Reminder: WAI Style Guide

Set Up Stage

  1. A particular Success Criteria Understanding Document will be selected for review and revision
  2. A GitHub Issue will be created for the particular success criteria by the Lead Editor (Norah)
  3. Issue will be used to capture initial big picture comments from each person on the review team (see below)
  4. Initial timelines and deadlines will be decided upon by Lead Editor and Chairs
  5. Work assignment and deadlines will be communicated by Lead Editor
  6. Work assignments and deadlines will be posted to Work for this Week by Chair (Brent)

Initial Feedback Stage

  1. Review team will read, understand, and ask questions about the work assignment and/or deadlines posted
    • Individuals who will not be able to meet current deadline due to conflicts will communicate this to the Lead Editor
  2. Review team will read the existing published understanding document
  3. [Initial Feedback Start Date]
  4. Review team will use the single GitHub Issue thread to provide initial concerns, comments, and recommendations about the existing document
    • At this level only looking for initial feedback (e.g., unclear, more detail, less detail, wrong location, sub-heading, etc). Not looking for word, grammar, punctuation, or polishing edits
  5. [Initial Feedback End Date]
  6. Lead Editor will send email to review team to see whether or not individuals would like to meet to understand the intent of this specific Success Criteria better before proceeding with the work
    • If YES, Lead Editor will set meeting date and time and conduct meeting
    • If NO, move on to next step
  7. Draft Editor(s) volunteer/selected (Norah and Chairs)

Draft Creation Stage

  1. Content of existing understanding document copied into a Google Doc for major draft revisions by Draft Editor(s) (Brent)
  2. [Draft Creation Start Date]
  3. Draft Editor(s) consume initial feedback from GitHub Issue
  4. Draft Editor(s) revise and edit the Google Doc version of the Understanding Document
  5. [Draft Creation End Date]

Thorough Review Stage

  1. Lead Editor assign thorough review of Google Doc version
  2. [Thorough Review Start Date]
  3. Review team conducts thorough review of Google Doc version
    • Enter "Suggested Edits" using Google Doc
    • Enter "Comments" using Google Doc
  4. [Thorough Review End Date]
  5. Draft Editor(s) work through suggested edits and comments to incorporate them (reaching out to individuals for clarification and/or agreement when needed)
  6. Draft Editor(s) finalize Final Draft

Final Small Review Team Sign-off Stage

  1. Lead Editor send out Final Draft and call for Review Team sign-off -- provide deadline to respond
  2. Lead Editor work through and close any final issues or concerns that arise from call for UnDoc team sign-off
  3. Lead Editor share final diff file with Planning team for acceptance (resolve any issues)
  4. Lead Editor close GitHub Issue when Final Draft is signed-off
  5. Chairs inform EOWG of completion of Final Draft - share file link
  6. Lead Editor & Chairs inform AGWG that Final Draft is ready - provide file

>>Repeat process for each Understanding Document

Some Assumptions

  • Brent and Norah will create a spreadsheet to track all activity mentioned above for each SC Understanding Document
  • Norah will be the main point of contact for assignments, communication, and questions
  • Everyone will need to use a Google account for editing the Google Doc files
  • EOWG will have an open invitation to monitor or join the work, but cannot slow down the work
  • Work will be staggered and shifted back to AGWG as files are completed

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