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Tutorials first page

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The work on this deliverable has primarily moved to Github. If you can, leave your comments as issues there. This wiki page is still monitored.
The information on this page is outdated, see Tutorials/Feedback/Cover_Page for current information.

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Tutorials first page

EOWG comments:

  • comment {name}
  • Like it. Nice and short. Easy to understand. Only one minor comment on the second last paragraph beginning "The tutorials are not exhautstive:" see below: Suggestion: remove "To counteract this" - it's superfluous and provides a kind of 'stumbling block' in the flow of the paragraph."{Vicki - September 13}
  • I think it reads very nicely - clear, concise. (I have to say I've been impressed with all the writing around this project). I'd like to see a glossary link from "sufficient techniques." There's a typo in the line: "The tutorials are not exhaustive, : the" - the comma before the colon. Not sure if you want this type of copy editing feedback.
    Here's a wordsmith suggestion - replace:
    "They provide focused tutorials with examples of best practice and explanatory resources to inform the creation or selection of accessible web applications"
    They provide focused instruction with specific examples of best practice and explanatory resources to inform the creation or selection of accessible web applications."
    Ignore if this is too low level feedback at this point. {Howard, 12 Sept.}
  • [pending] The list of 3 types of tutorials - focused, guided, directed. Is there any indication on what each tutorial is - which of these 3 categories. Not sure how these categories help. {Howard, 27 June}
    reply: I'll mark this part of the page with @@@ for future reference. At some point we may want to divide tutorials into groups to reduce the left-navigation list, these categories are a first pass of how they might be semantically divided. {Bim - July 12}
  • [pending] The terms "focused, guided, and directed" are not immediately obvious to me. I had to read the terms with their descriptions several times, and even then I still wasn't sure how the terms correlated with their descriptions. I get that you're trying to classify the types of tutorials, I just think we might be able to use more accurate / obvious terms. Do we have to use single words? {Paul - July 11}
    reply: I agree, these terms could be more precise. They wouldn't need to be single words, but may need to be used as top-level navigation terms, so shorter would be better. However, there may only end up being two, or we might not have to make the distinction at all, it will depend on future content. {Bim - July 16}