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The work on this deliverable has primarily moved to Github. If you can, leave your comments as issues there. This wiki page is still monitored.

Tentative Scheduling for the Tutorials. This Schedule will be re-visited and updated during the project.

Tutorials to be completed until August

  • Practical: Tables, Forms, Hide/Show, Headings, Page navigation, User Notifications, Date Picker (likely to go into Forms, needs Tables and parts of Forms)
  • Conceptual: Document outline, Keyboard navigation


Week 15/16 (until Friday, Apr. 18)

Note: There is no EO meeting that Friday, Apr. 18

  • Tables: Reorganizing & Clean up [Eric]
  • Forms: Reorganizing & Clean up [Eric]
  • Hide/Show: First Draft [Eric]

Week 17 (Friday, Apr. 18 – Friday, Apr. 25)

  • Tables & Forms: Collecting Feedback from [EO]
  • Hide/Show: First Draft [Eric]

Week 18 (Friday, Apr. 25 – Friday, May 2)

ERCIM closed Thu–Fri, No Eric on call

Wed, Apr. 29

  • Hide/Show: Finishing First Draft [Eric]
  • Tables & Forms: Applying EO Feedback [Eric]

Fr, May 2

  • Tables & Forms: [EO] final feedback & (hopefully) approval

Week 19 (Friday, May 2 – Friday, May 9)

Note: Ercim closed May 8th, Eric is at conference in Vienna, will work from there May 9th and attend call.

  • Hide/Show: [EO] to review First Draft
  • Headings: Draft tutorial [Eric]

Week 20 (Friday, May 9 – Friday, May 16)

  • Hide/Show: Apply Feedback from [EO]
  • Headings: Finish drafting tutorial [Eric]

Week 21 (Friday, May 16 – Friday, May 23)

Note: Eric away at beyond tellerrand conference & decentralize camp Mon–Wed

  • Hide/Show: More Feedback from [EO] on the changes
  • Headings: [EO] to review First Draft
  • Page Navigation: Starting First Draft [Eric]

Week 22 (Friday, May 23 – Friday, May 30)

Note: ERCIM closed May 29th/30th.

Wed, May 28

  • Hide/Show: Apply EO Feedback [Eric]
  • Page Navigation: Continuing to work on First Draft [Eric]

Fri, May 30

  • Headings: [EO] final feedback & (hopefully) approval

Week 23 (Friday, May 30 – Friday, June 6th)

  • … tbc …