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Showcase Examples with Videos/Third Cut

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Overall Comments

  • End-screen text needs to be updated for all videos. It should read "for more information on XYZ"
  • Captions:
    • Only available for the first video
    • Showed timestamp numbers (on the GoogleDrive player)
    • Not well synchronized with narration ("Spotting")
  • Color-grading may need further improvement on some of the videos
  • Not sure if the compression or player are reducing quality in some scenes. In particular, quite some artefacts on people's faces and other detail.

Video Captions

Latest script: Script 1: Video Captions

  • The scene with the person switching on the captions has been removed from the non-AD version (it shows very nicely in the AD version)! This is the main point of the video - please put it back in the non-AD version too.
  • Please find a different sequence of the film playing at the very end, so that the captions saying "risk of cancer returning" do not appear on the screen (people could have reactions to this type of content).
  • (minor) AD-version: person name on desk still visible in ~0:32.
  • Colors: quite bright with little contrast in some scenes - is this due to compression?

Colors with Good Contrast

Latest script: Script 2: Colors with Good Contrast

  • AD-version: several changes are not correctly implemented. Also the narration is often out of synch. Please revise this video.
  • We had requested to reduce the number of signs appearing, and the frequent switches between the signs and the person. Now too much is removed and the scenes feel a little empty and less punchy. Please find a balance here to convey credible frustration and draw the viewer into the story.
  • The switch to the mobile phone at ~0:39 is still quite distracting, especially during the narration "which become more common as we age". Please keep the focus on the older person until the narration "more common as we age" completes. Maybe come in a little later into the scene to not show the person for too long?
  • Colors: maybe a little too warm (red tone) inside?

Voice Recognition

Latest script: Script 3: Voice Recognition

  • Colors: maybe a little too warm around the older person? Especially that the background (wall) has similar colors.

Text to Speech

Latest script: Script 4: Text to Speech

  • Sound: minor saturation in ~0:04-0:10? Maybe due to compression or player? Please check thresholds.

Clear Layout and Design

Latest script: Script 5: Clear Layout and Design

  • Focus on "my camping mug" (~0:10) is still quite strong. Is this necessary to show kettle?
  • Pixelation: text at ~0:42 is a bit pixelated. Maybe due to combination of zoom and compression?

Notifications and Feedback

Latest script: Script 6: Notifications and Feedback

  • Post production is covering the laptop brand with a little blue box. This appears too early (at 0:17 under cuckoo clock), and disappears too early (logo actually reappears at 0:18). Please shift timing.
  • Transition from the bad error message to the good one in ~0:51 is still unclear. Please add the bad error message with a dissolve to transition the view to the improved error message.
  • AD-version: narration "hand on the clock approach 12" is said too early (we do not yet see the hands on the clock).

Large Links, Buttons, and Controls

Latest script: Script 7: Large Links, Buttons, and Controls

  • No comments!

Customizable Text

Latest script: Script 8: Customizable Text

  • Is the computer brand not removable? It is quite prominent in this video.
  • Colors: seems a little too soft in the full-shot at ~0:11?

Understandable Content

Latest script: Script 9: Understandable Content

  • Is the volume of the narrator getting lower towards the end?

Keyboard Compatibility

Latest script: Script 10: Keyboard Compatability

  • Music is still to strong and overwhelming and loud. Distracts too much from the narration. Please find something more mellow and toned down.
  • AD version:
    1. Remove scene with person in the wheelchair in ~0:18-0:22;
    2. Replace AD "the man with the wheelchair also cannot use the website" (~0:34-0:37) with the earlier AD "a man with a wheelchair is using a mouth stick to type" (~0:21-0:23)
  • After the title is spoken ("Web Accessibility Perspectives: Keyboard Compatibility") there needs to be a pause before the rest of the narration starts, like the other videos. At least 1.5 to 2 seconds. It is too rushed.
  • Please use this additional time to complete the next scene and show the person shaking his head at the mouse not working. This comes across much better in the AD-version.
  • Is the computer brand not removable? It is quite prominent in this video.