Showcase Examples with Videos/Requirements Analysis

From Education & Outreach


Engage people in web accessibility by demonstrating its impact on people with disabilities and the broader benefits for everyone.


  • To make accessibility more tangible and raise viewer empathy
  • To illustrate how innovative (cool) accessibility features are
  • To demonstrate the broader benefits of accessibility features
  • To show examples of technologies for people with disabilities

Target Audience

  • People who are unaware of web accessibility and its importance
  • People who perceive accessibility as niche for few people only
  • People with stereotype and stigmatized perception of disability
  • People who want to learn about the importance of accessibility
  • People who want to educate others on the need for accessibility


A series of ~8-10 short stories in text and video (2-3 paragraphs and ~30-40 seconds), that each demonstrate how a particular accessibility feature is used by people with disabilities, and the additional benefits it has for others. For example, how voice recognition provides access for some people with physical disabilities, and how it also supports hands-free computing in other situations. The stories cover a broad range of different disabilities and accessibility features, and they all have a common "look and feel" to make them easy to recognize.


  • Single web page with a sub-page or expandable section for each story
  • Each story has a catchy title and punchline, to make them memorable
  • Where possible, stories also have an illustrative image to brand them
  • Active voice for the text and quick cuts for the video, to be engaging
  • Videos are also provided on several platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, Dotsub)
  • Scenarios provided using Creative Commons license to allow derivatives

Brainstorm Ideas

Brainstorm ideas about potential themes to show in the stories:

  • captions for videos used by someone with low language
  • larger click area for typing on a train / wearing gloves
  • responsive design to zoom content on a mobile
  • contrast for using content in glaring sun
  • timeout while parent takes care of child
  • alternative text for low bandwidth
  • (keyboard) empty mouse batteries / call center (power) user
  • using voice output while cooking / making coffee / ...
  • voice commands for gaming / car navigation system
  • confirmation before closing window
  • apps for removing distracting or aside content
  • zoom functionality now being implemented in most browsers
  • someone needs to find information quickly (clear design)
  • frustration from lack of error prevention on a form
  • keyboard use: snowboarder with broken arm? {29 Oct, Kevin}
  • captions for videos: parent with sleeping child watching something in silence with captions {30 Jan, Kevin}
  • captions for videos: at the gym, four people on four treadmills watching four TVs, each tuned to different channels, with sound off and captions on {21 Sep, David}
  • (keyboard) using keyboard instead of horrible, iddy biddy, overly sensitive, track pad {23 Mar, Kevin}
  • Promotional idea: 9s cuts of the videos on Vine {9 Apr, Eric}
  • student having to use an unfamiliar "built-in" tool rather than familiar assistive technology {15 Apr, Brent}
  • video showing frustrated/disappointed users when they cannot interact with recognizable every day content (e.g., online banking, online shopping, purchasing concert tickets, submitting a product review, etc) {15 Apr, Brent}
  • someone who is blind enjoying a movie - American Council of the Blind's Audio Description Project, or Movies For the Blind site {15 Apr, Brent} Netflix is now providing audio descriptions {15 Apr, Lydia}
  • Demonstrate challenges of virtual(online) classes i.e., color contrast, CC not offered on videos, layout are cluttered, use of images without alt tags {15 Apr, Lydia}
  • Typing difficulties -enters the correct phone number but mistypes the last number. User has mobility disability that takes 40 seconds to type. User attempts to fix the last number but when tabs or clicks to fix the last number, JavaScripts takes away all of the numbers. User is forced to retype the numbers. {15 Apr, Lydia}
  • Demonstrate challenges people with low vision have with poor page layouts. Example: pages that place related items far apart from each other, like forward / back buttons on image carousels and some forms. {15 Apr, Paul}

Example Videos

These videos are for inspiration only, unfortunately they may not be all accessible.

Selected Videos

The following videos provide interesting approaches that we could consider for our work. Especially the X1 ad by Comcast has an interesting mix of narration and users, with a quick and dynamic tone.

Other Videos