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Showcase Examples with Videos/First Cut

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This page captures feedback of the Showcase Examples TF on the first cuts of perspectives videos.

Video Captions

Adina Brent Shadi
  • Shadi made it in the video!!! I love it !!!!! wooohooo!
  • [low] Is there footage of the 3 people at the table a little more animated and rowdy for when the narration says "in a loud environment? I bit more animated about the loudness would work better.
  • [high] Pause about a second to a second and a half longer when the narration stops. Also have the music stop, so the entire video is silent. This will give a bit more impact
  • [high] Really don't like the music. It does not match what we are doing with the clips.
  • [high] show person with hearing aid watching the video on the computer, rather than see him turning on the hearing aid
  • [medium] when the video is playing on the computer, is there an angle where the person's name on the desk is not visible?
  • [low] at the very end (sec ~32), is there a way to slowly zoom more onto the captions on the person's computer in the library while narration is say "essential for some, useful for all"?

Colors with Good Contrast

Adina Brent Shadi
  • At 0:21 please add post-production to make the start navigation button even harder to read.
  • [high] zoom in tighter on the "start navigation" button and don't fade to the good contrast until the narration says "links, icons and buttons. If the zoom is better, people will notice the button change more. I was ready for it because I knew about it. other will not be. They need to shift their eyes from the map up to the button well before the contrast changes.
  • [high] agree with Shadi's first comment about timing of "lighting conditions."
  • [high] still don't like the music!
  • [high] shift (switch?) the scenes a bit, so that "easier to use in more situations" is spoken while older person is picking-up or reading the mobile device, and "like in different lighting conditions" is spoken more during the glare scene (currently it is spoken slightly after that scene)
  • [medium] can we show more of the older person using the tablet on the sofa before showing the mobile phone lighting up?
  • [medium] is there a way to zoom more on the button on the mobile device as it changes contrast, to better emphasize the change?
  • [low] make sure that the signage contrast change (in post production) closely resembles the changes on the mobile device, to support making the association between these two situations
  • [low] duration of the mobile device scene before button changes contrast is maybe a tad too long?
  • [low] maybe show a little bit less of the mobile device picking-up scene (the hand motion seems a little unnatural)

Voice Recognition

Adina Brent Shadi
  • Can we actually hear the people in the background actually speaking the commands instead of just seeing them move their lips? I think this will be very important for the understanding of this subject.
  • [high] First 31 seconds are good. After that, there needs to be much tighter focus on the computer screen and the buttons or links not working. You can't really tell that there is anything wrong in this footage.
  • [meedium] The older man talking to the tablet at the later part of the video does not really show or convey anything. Is there footage where a command is given or words are spoken and you see the immediate results on the screen?
  • Just a comment - don't like the music - make sure that when the real narration is done, there is no echo or "large open room" sound. The voice needs to be more warm and soft, no echo.
  • [high] cuts of scenes of person with arm in a sling are confusing (it seems like "injured arm" and "RSI" are different scenes) - is there material of any other person using the computer (seemingly by voice) that could be used in place of the RSI scene?
  • [medium] show more of the writing scene at the beginning (cut some at the beginning and add more of the response writing)
  • [medium] show person speaking to table right away (currently there is a bit too much of watching the tablet screen)

Text to Speech

Adina Brent Shadi
  • I couldn’t hear the text to speech examples at all. They seemed so far in the background and couldn’t complete with the music and the VO. So the purpose of this video was lost to me.
    Please make sure the sound of the text to speech examples are "front and center"
  • [high] don't really care for the punchy music. would like something a bit more mellow and emotionally deep.
  • [medium-low] When the lady is on the screen when it is talking about proper coding, you can't really tell what the problem is. Is there any way to show that the text to speech is not working or is not available to that user.
  • I like the title sequence text.
  • [medium] is there a better way to show the person with dyslexia having problems than by nudging hear headphones?
  • [medium] maybe reveal guide dog just a little bit later to keep some more suspense?
  • [low] you can skip showing the text of "some people can't see the text on this screen" and keep showing the person using the laptop (as was suggested by Kartoffel)

Clear Layout and Design

Adina Brent Shadi
  • What happened that made the couple so happy all of a sudden? Maybe see her type a new web address in the browser and then have the new site come up so there’s a cause and effect.
  • And let the new site stay up maybe 1 second longer to give us time to process what has just happened.
  • I like this video a lot. turned out real good. I really like the high speed kitchen organizing shot.
  • [high] agree with Shadi's first comment about typing hard on the keyboard. His frustrated face is good enough.
  • [high] when cutting from the poor design pizza sight to the good design, either dissolve, or have the woman's hands type or click something. The screen just switches and you can barely see a hand type a key. It leaves you wondering how it switched.
  • [high] The title text contrast is not good. need to rethink the colors. Maybe a white outline on the blue font. May be true for all videos.
  • [high] remove scene with the person slamming the keyboard, as it does not help with poor layout issues
  • [medium] is there any other material we can use while "and they are important for people with cognitive and learning disabilities" is being spoken? for example, someone from any other video who is looking frustrated at the computer (maybe there is something of Rachel in the cafe?)

Notifications and Feedback

Adina Brent Shadi
  • Change the error message from bad to good error message when she says "Yet making them understandable..." Right now it changes too early and there is a disconnect between the visuals and the narration.
  • I got confused when the guy looked frustrated at his phone but we then saw an understandable error message. My first thought was that we were looking at what he was seeing and I didn’t understand why he was so confused when the error message was clear to me. Took me a second or two to figure out we were back to the girl.
  • I think the sound of the coo-coo could be a bit louder. Too much in the background.
  • I like this video. I would use the female narrator on this one.
  • [high] Same comment as Shadi. The understandable error message comes too soon.
  • [medium] Can you zoom in more on the screen during the scene of the older man and the results of his order, where all the text just disappears. I only caught it because I knew it was going to happen.
  • [high] don't show corrected error message until narration says "yet making them understandable is usually quite simple"

Large Select Areas

Adina Brent Shadi
  • Is there a shot where the elderly lady actually clicks within the larger circle? I think many will be confused because we were just talking large target area but she didn’t even click in the large target area. She clicked beside it which she was also doing before so why did it work this time but not work then? It seems as if the larger radio buttons weren’t the solution for her. I don’t think the man on the street even understands that a developer can make the label itself clickable. I think we really need to see the click event happen when the pointer is on the larger target.
  • Great video. I would use the female narrator on this one.
  • Both actors did a fantastic job with expressions. spot on!
  • no other comments
  • [low] shorten the tablet tapping scene just a slight bit (current sec ~10-13, make it ~1-2 seconds max)

Customizable Text

Adina Brent Shadi
  • While I like the concept I don’t think it came through the way this was staged. I was wondering why the two guys were sitting there kind of looking impatient. It seemed to me from the action that the older gentleman was waiting for replacement toast since his was burnt since the guy on the right had 2 pieces and the older gentleman had two pieces of burnt toast.
    Then in the end when the younger guy changes the dial during the toasting process and then the burnt toast comes out again the old guy looks at it on both sides puzzled. Seemed to me he was thinking "Why is this toaster broken and giving me burnt toast even when we changed the dial".
    I would suggest this one be reshot something like this:
    Have each of them have only one piece of toast on their plate. Have the younger guy take out his second light piece. Then have the older gentleman change the dial to dark toast before putting another piece in. While the first guy is buttering his light toast the darker toast pops up and the older guy puts it on his plate as the younger guy hands him the butter.
  • I really like this video, but I do understand Adina's comment. It is not clear that the older man likes the burnt toast. Maybe footage can be reworked on this to show that better.
  • [medium] I really agree with Shadi's comment about the dark toast first and then a happy look at the end.
  • Male narrator would work well on this video.
  • [medium] switch the order of toast appearance so that the dark one appear first, while the narration is saying "what's right for you" (because it looks a bit too dark to be right for some viewers)
  • [low] is there any material where the older person look happier with the dark toast when it comes out of the toaster?

Understandable Content

Adina Brent Shadi
  • I think focusing on the ripped flour bag was confusing. Wasn’t sure why confusing instructions resulted in a ripped flour bag and spills ― some of that part felt a bit contrived. Maybe reedit this part with other footage and while maintaining the comicalness make it a little more realistic as well.
  • Really like this video too.
  • [very high] (small visual order change) During the sequence with the good content recipe, Show the clip scrolling down on the ingredience, then cut out the quick part where her arm blocks the screen, insert her expression of gesturing to the computer in satisfaction, then cut back in to the part where the scrolling continues on the pictorial directions. This will get rid of the split second where her arm blocks the view and it will show that she is satisfied with the recipe but let the viewer see one more time what she is satisfied with.
  • [low] is there any cake-eating scene for a tasty happy end? or would that be too repetitive of the pizza-eating end?

Keyboard Compatibility

Adina Brent Shadi
  • I agree with Brent that we could shave off a couple of seconds of the guy trying to use his broken mouse. One suggestion would be to shave off the first part of that scene from 0:05 to 0:08 and extend him doing everything with just the keyboard for a 3 extra seconds.
  • [high] The sequence with the mouse breaking is too long. Even after I quickly saw that the mouse was not working, I found myself watching the guy shake the mouse and not listening at all to the narration. I think the viewer will get that quickly and the focus needs to get back on the narration somehow. I would cut out seconds 9-10.5 of the visual.
  • [high] In regards to what I said in the first comment, I want to say the timing is really good with the cut to the person with the mouth stick and the narration saying the words "by circumstance". If editing is done around the broken mouse prior, please keep the cut to the mouth stick as is.
  • [medium] When zooming in on the lady with the sling, using her left hand to type, is there closeup footage of her typing back and forth across both sides of the keyboard instead of just a few keys all on the left. I think this would be more effective. If no footage, then it is okay.
  • none!