Selecting Authoring Tools Requirements Analysis

From Education & Outreach


  • Help readers understand why accessible authoring tools are important
  • Help readers understand what to look for when selecting an authoring tool
  • Help readers know what to look for in selecting an authoring tool
  • Education readers about ATAG
  • Help readers work around tools' limitations
  • Encourage procurers to require (or at least request) ATAG-compliant tools
  • Indirect: Encourage authoring tool vendors to make their tools more accessible and meet ATAG.


  • Primary audiences:
    • People who want to understand the benefits of accessible authoring tools
    • People who want to know what to look for when selecting an accessible tool
  • Secondary audiences:
    • People who need accessible authoring tools who want resources to help explain their needs

Current Documents

Recommended Approach

  • Create a fairly high level document with understanding that future, more granular, documents will be created on future iterations, including more role based, e.g. "Developers", "Procurement officers", etc
  • Keep text simple, concise and terse.
  • Avoid barrage of text and a long "novel"
  • Use current references, standards and resources, including links.
  • Define what ATAG are and are not - a plain language version of the definition found in the glossary.
  • Possible high level outline
    • Summary - A short review of the content on the page
    • Introduction - To include plain language definition
    • Why are AT important
    • What to look for in an AT
  • Don't include section on tool reviews at this point
  • Consider: Create an actual checklist after the information about what to consider.

To ponder

Can the resource name be changed?

The purpose of this document is changing, and the current name about "selecting and using" isn't likely to be as appropriate anymore.

We should aim for something along the lines of "Why and how to select an accessible authoring tool".

[SLH: Yes, absolutely the resource name can be changed.]

Target Delivery date (subject to change)

  • Send out email to CMS/LMS/CRM developers about what they'd find useful on this page – March 16, 2018
  • Consult with EOWG during F2F meetings (if necessary) – March 19 to March 18, 2018
  • Prepare First Draft – TBD
  • Draft ready for Review Team – TBD
  • Review Team/Editor Iterations – TBD
  • One week review cycle and feedback – TBD
  • Final Draft ready for EOWG Thorough Review – TBD