Planning illustrations

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Develop some visual resources to help support the Planning and Managing Web Accessibility documents.


Infographic vs. Iconography

Infographic used to tell the story, condense information, and communicate connections in a visual fashion.

Iconography used to develop a common thread through text or used as markers for types of information e.g. Dummies for... icons.

Concrete vs. Abstract

Concrete can be useful to show actions and activities. used to give a clear example of an idea. Are difficult where the idea is involved or complex.

Abstract can be used as metaphors for actions, activities, and ideas. The are more for expressing a theme. They can pose problems for people where language is a problem.

Common visual language

There is a desire to develop a common visual language for WAI planning resources. This can be used to identify where content belongs within the overall resource, can be used to create journey maps to quickly communicate resource structure and relationships between information.

Exploratory Doodles

Implementation Planning

  • Determine Your Goal and Gather Support
  • Establish Roles and Responsibilities
  • Develop and Implement Organizational Policy
  • Review Available Tools and Resources
  • Assess Skills and Deliver Training
  • Integrate into Project Life Cycle
  • Share Knowledge and Outcomes
  • Maintain and Monitor

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