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Outline BAD Demo Curriculum Usage

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Part of BAD Demo Update

Using the BAD Demo as Curriculum

  • What is the BAD Demo
    • Originally designed for...
    • Has also proved useful for...
    • But we've also gotten requests for...
  • Why is it helpful for use in curriculum
    • Overall concept
      • Websites can look equally good (or bad!) regardless of whether accessible or not
      • Accessible websites do not need to be dull and boring
    • Orienting to specific tasks
      • Design, evaluation, prioritization, remediation
  • General principles of using BAD Demo in instructional setting
    • Metrics of evaluation
    • Detailed evaluation
    • Emphasize types of errors, and explanations (via annotations)
  • Types of educational settings where BAD Demo can be helpful
    • Classroom, online including MOOCS, Self-study
  • Exercises and Q&A
    • See outline of instructional examples in previous development
    • Error identification
    • Documenting and explaining errors
    • Recommending remediation approaches
    • Draft report recommending remediation priorities
    • Exploring three different evaluation and remediation tools
    • Designing a parallel mini-website replicating several solutions
    • Version of inaccessible website with annotations removed
  • Selecting and adapting exercises for different settings
    • Selecting and adapting exercises for classroom
    • Selecting and adapting exercises for online including MOOCs
    • Selecting and adapting exercises for self-study
  • Tips and tricks for using BAD Demo for instructional use
    • Quick introduction at basic level
    • Detailed classroom exercises

Notes and Issues

  • Update and integrate instructional examples from old drafts

Change Log

  • Misc updating throughout
  • Linked to old material

Support and contributors acknowledgement