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Older Users Landing Page

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Current page is Web Accessibility and Older People: Meeting the Needs of Ageing Web Users

Purpose, Goals, Objectives

  • Convince people who are looking for guidance on designing for older users that WCAG covers what they need
    • Show people how older user needs are essentially the same as needs of people with disabilities
    • Avoid people developing different guidelines or standards for older users
  • Catch people who search for guidance on designing for older users
  • Provide an intro into WCAG (and UAAG and ATAG)

Lower priority:

  • Promote UAAG and ATAG in their relationship for making the web more accessible and usable to older users


  • Designers, developers, project managers, etc.
  • Policy makers
  • Researchers
  • Potential guidance, guidelines, and standards makers (who we want not to develop fragmented work)


Provide convincing overview page, and then link to more details, including:

  • Research to back up what we're saying
  • Specifics on how WCAG covers older user needs
  • Presentation material for people who want to share the info with others
  • More on understanding the big picture on the overlap, and how accessibility covers older user needs
  • Related info in other WAI resources


  • current approach (Feb 2018) is somewhat similar to Intro in the way it presents the basics and then "More Info" boxs
  • for SEO, include "older users", "older people", "seniors", "elderly"... as we can in content, metadata or other