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Stories of Web Users Page

Ms. Laitinen

We previously decided to switch Ms. Laitinen from a fluent braille reader to a non-fluent one, to raise awareness on the fact that many blind people don't read braille fluently or at all. Changes have been made to further clarify this point but need to be checked. Please send any comments you may have on this point.

{@@Sylvie: - This new version is much clearer.}

Ms. Kaseem

In the current online version Ms. Kaseem uses braille and a mobile phone with tactile feedback. Even though deaf-blind people will most likely need to learn tactile forms of communication, this aspect raised many questions. In this draft the use of braille and mobile phones has been rolled back to avoid confusion, even though we really wanted to have a scenario where people with disabilities use mobile phones. For now we have:

  • A scenario of a person using mobile phones on the wishlist for future revisions
  • Mention of the benefits of accessibility for mobile in the scenarios of Ms. Kaseem and Ms. Martinez

{@@Sylvie - Mentionning mobile phone users is really useful. If there is no time to add a new scenario for now, what about letting reference to mobile use in the case of Ms Martinez? In the case of Ms Kasseem, what about mentionning that she uses a mobile device (not necessarily a phone) with magnification to access to descriptions of restaurants she likes and to look at bus schedules while she is on her way as she cannot hear the information provided on bus schedule? Also explain that the mobile web site of the bus company is more accessible for her than the bus web site?}

{@@Suzette: I like this extension to Ms Kasseem's scenario - we need to keep up with where developers are focussing their efforts!}

Other Discussion for this Page

  • Use of the term legally blind in the scenario Ms. Kaseem
  • Reference to contacting organizations in the scenario Ms. Martinez

Diversity in Web Use Page

Overall Issue

It has been raised that the page is not sufficiently distinctive from Diversity of Web Users. This page talks about the tools and adaptive strategies that people use to browse the Web, while the other page talks about the barriers that people with disabilities encounter on the Web.

Before attempting to merge the two pages (and likely end up with a giant page), are there suggestions for better explaining these two quite different aspects of web browsing?

Page Title

Probably due to the fact that both pages are similar in content, their titles were selected to be similar sounding. However, it shows that this is more confusing than helpful and we need a new title for this page.

current: Diversity in Web Use
issue: too similar to Diversity of Web Users
about the page: "This page introduces some of the techniques and tools that people with disabilities use to interact with the Web, such as browser settings, text-to-speech, voice recognition, and many more."

  • Tools and preferences
  • Content formats - hearing, feeling, and seeing
  • Presentation - distinguishing and understanding
  • User interaction - typing, writing, and clicking
  • Design solutions - navigating and finding content

general notes:

  • it would probably be best not to use "Techniques" since that has another meaning in WCAG etc
  • it would be great if we could come up with a different words so both pages don't begin with diversity - differentiating the two would be useful from a screen reader user's perspective
  • would like it to be short for the nav

ideas someone particularly likes:

  • {@@ to reviewers: feel free to add more ideas, and comments on any below}
  • ...

more ideas:

  • {@@ to reviewers: feel free to add more ideas, and comments on any below}
  • ...
  • How People with Disabilities Interact with the Web
  • Strategies for Using the Web
  • Strategies for Web Use
  • Approaches for Using the Web
  • Technologies and Strategies for Using the Web
  • Strategies and AT for Web Use
  • Web Interaction Techniques
  • Assistive Technologies and Adaptive Strategies (for nav: AT and Adaptive Strategies)
  • Hardware, software, and personal techniques
  • ...
  • EOWG minutes 11 March:
    • ...
  • EOWG minutes 1 June:
    • Web Tools and Techniques
    • Web Browsing and Techniques
    • Web Browsing Techniques
    • How We Browse Now
    • Who Is Browsing Now
    • Web Browsing Techniques & Tools
    • Diversity in Web Browsing
    • Diversity in Web Tools
    • Diversity In Web Browsing
    • Diversity in Web Software
    • Diversity in Web Access
    • Diversity in How We Browse vs [Diversity in Who is Browsing
  • Liam's 11 March e-mail:
    • The ways people browse
    • Diversity of Web Use (like this as it echoes the previous tab nicely)
    • Diversity of Browsing Techniques
    • How Different People Browse
    • How Other People Browse
    • How People Browse
    • How Different People Read The Web
    • Diverse Ways Of Reading The Web
    • Ways Of Reading The Web
  • March thread comments on "Ways People Browse" not working well

14.06.2012 (Vicki)

    • How People with Disabilities Interact with the Web

{@@Sylvie - Changing page title would make identifying both resources better. I agree that the title should be as short as possible. So I vote for "Strategies for Web use"}

High priorities to fix before publication

Lower priorities that would be nice before publication, but could wait for later revision

  • Discuss request to add a scenario on "wounded warriors"; propose to put this on future wish-list

Possibilities for future revision

  • Adding a scenario on the use of mobile devices, including mobile phone and/or digital television
    {@@ does this refer to use by PWD or by people experiencing situational impairments? Andrew}