Eval Analysis/Combined Expertise

From Education & Outreach

This requirements analysis superseded the old changelog

Purpose of the resource

  • Understand the benefit of evaluating a digital resource using people with a variety of skills and interests
  • Describe the variety of skills that are required to evaluate a website
  • Demonstrate methods for collaboration between evaluators
  • Provide links to different WAI resources that can be used in evaluation of a website
  • Understand the different skills for people working on a combined expertise group within an organisation (UX, IA, end-users including people with disabilities and seniors)

Use Cases

  • A trained external evaluator is wanting to incorporate the evaluation strengths of people with disabilities and seniors and capture usability as well as accessibility requirements
  • An internal evaluation of a website is planned and management want to make sure that the needs of different users are represented, perhaps as a focus group
  • A website is about to be re-developed and the organisation wants to make sure that current issues on the website are not repeated
  • Training is planned for content editors and evaluation teams and the organisation wants to use this resource as a starting point
  • An organisation wishes to benefit from the skills and interests of their current users and sees membership of a focus group as a method for connecting with these users
  • Feedback is desired from members of disability organisations. Participation in a collaborative group is a method for distributing information to the relative groups and gaining their input.
  • A small to medium-sized organisation wishes to evaluate the accessibility of their website but does not have the resources to hire external third-party expert evaluators, and so need to utilise the skills within their own organisation.
  • An oganisation serves a particular sector of the community and wishes to use the expertise of their users to ensure the website is accessible for their needs.
  • A team within an organisation is tasked with providing the user testing analysis and rather than out-source this, wants to incorporate the strengths of people within their organisation.
  • An organisation wishes to establish key staff to become the accessibility champions within their organisation and develop a team of people who can support these staff members.

Key Messages

  • As websites become increasingly more complicated, a team of people possessing different skills (UX, IA, end-users, etc) can help optimize the process
  • Someone needs to lead the team, probably the project manager to ensure that the page sample reflects the overall accessibility of the resource
  • The effective reporting of issues located can be as important as the actual evaluation. Reporting that reflects a variety of viewpoints and skills will provide the most comprehensive and helpful result
  • A team of committed evaluators (including but not limited to expert testers) across an organisation can be used for numerous projects and establish an area of expertise usable by the whole organisation
  • Team members will require resourcing including training on evaluating digital resources and provision of the necessary tools
  • A method of collaboration will need to be selected for the team to work effectively
  • Team members need to be selected who reflect the diverse needs of the end users – organisation members, current users of the website, people with disabilities, and seniors