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ARIA UA Implementation Guide

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Comments from EOWG on WAI-ARIA 1.0 User Agent Implementation Guide Editor's Draft Sept 2013


  • EOWG review of technical documents should focus on understandability, approachability, and ease-of-use. Look at the introduction, abstract, background, use cases, and other such sections. Make sure the Overview page is linked early in the Introduction and in the Abstract, as appropriate.
  • Remember these are technical specifications/standards and have a different audience, format, and purpose that EO docs.
  • You can usually skip the technical sections.
  • If you have comments on technical aspects beyond the education & outreach perspective, please submit them yourself.
  • Please write your comments as we would submit them as formal EOWG comments to the public-comments list. Include suggested revision and rationale as appropriate. (You can also include additional notes for EOWG discussion.)

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