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Changelog: Evaluating Web Sites for Accessibility

This page records change requests and changes made to the draft resource suite Evaluating Web Sites for Accessibility Resource Suite. Please send additions or corrections to wai-eo-editors@w3.org.

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About "Evaluating Web Sites for Accessibility" Resource suite

Documents in the resource suite

Audience for this resource suite

Open Review Notes

Note from 22 September 2006

Harmonize the usage of the terms "conformance evaluation", "technical evaluation", and "technical assesment". Also consider Liam's comments on clarifying the concept of "comprehensive evaluation" in future revisions of this suite.

Note from 21 April 2006

For future revision: address the integration of accessibility evaluation into the overall evaluation process for web site development (as per William's comments during requ discussion for eval report)

Notes as of 9 September, 2005

From discussions on the version of 7 September, 2005.

[done] copyedit suggestions from Shawn Henry

Notes on possiblities in the future:

Previous Changes to the Document

From discussions on the 1 April, 2005.

[done] flag term "comprehensive" throughout the suite and match with "technical", "conformance", and "usability testing"
[done] Navigation: consider rewording "Evaluation Overview" to "Introducing Accessiblity"

Previous changes to the resource suite are recorded in previous and outdated versions of the changelog for the resource suite.

[done] separate contents of current evaluating Web sites document into smaller modules
separated documents and added placeholders where appropriate.

Outdated Changelogs

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