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Changelog: Evaluation Approaches for Specific Contexts

This page records change requests and changes made to the draft document Evaluation Approaches for Specific Contexts, which is part of the Evaluating Web Sites for Accessibility Resource Suite. Please send additions or corrections to wai-eo-editors@w3.org.

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Open Review Notes

Notes as of 9 September, 2005

From discussions on the version of 7 September, 2005.

[done] copyedit suggestions from Shawn Henry
[done] copyedit suggestions from Andrew Arch
[done] edits from EOWG discussion on 9 September, 2005
[done] copyedit suggestions from Pasquale Popolizio

Notes on possiblities in the future:

Previous Changes to the Document

Notes as of 24 June, 2005

[done] incoroprate changes from previous change logs
[done] Change log from June 28, 2002: first level: Evaluate all templates. second level, two points. first point: Evaluate static templates using WCAG 1.0 Conformance. second point. Add a minimal amount of plain text content to template and re-evaluate WCAG conformance. Replace existing text in templates section completely.
[done] Change log from June 28, 2002: move "if all dynamic content" down to 2nd bullet under templates & content combined.
[done] Change log from June 28, 2002: add a bullet asking about the content itself: "evaluate the content to ensure that it includes valid markup, with necessary accessibility information where appropriate"
[done] Change log from June 28, 2002: first point: "for pages that are generated...."; second point: "if all dynamic content cannot be evaluated...";
[done] Change log from June 28, 2002: third point: "do the generated pages retain the accessibility features evaluated under templates and content when combined" then as a nested bullet, "does the generated tab order from the template..."
[done] Change log from June 28, 2002: edit "fed back into evaluation tool" say instead "evaluated using WCAG conformance testing."
[done] Change log from June 26, 2002: "if templates are generated..." need to refer to ATAG 1.0, not Selecting Authoring Tools. Point to specific sections of the guidelines.
[done] Change log from June 26, 2002: title of section: "evaluation of database driven dynamically generated web pages" change to "evaluation of dynmically generated Web pages"

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