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[Draft] Evaluating Web Sites for Accessibility: Overview

"Evaluating Web Sites for Accessibility" is a multi-page resource suite that outlines different approaches for evaluating Web sites for accessibility. While it does not provide checkpoint-by-checkpoint testing techniques, it does provide general procedures and tips for evaluation in different situations, from evaluation during Web site development to ongoing monitoring of existing sites. The approaches in these pages are intended to supplement other content management and quality assurance procedures.

The "Evaluating Web Sites for Accessibility" resource suite includes the following documents:

Preliminary Review of Web Sites for Accessibility
Describes an approach to quickly identify some potential accessibility problems on a Web site.
Conformance Evaluation of Web Sites for Accessibility
Describes an approach for detemining if a Web site meets accessibility standards, such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).
Evaluation Approaches for Specific Contexts
Describes evaluation during the development process, ongoing monitoring, evaluation of legacy sites, and evaluation of dynamically generated Web pages.
Selecting Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools
Provides guidance on choosing which Web accessibility evaluation tools to use to help evaluate Web accessibility.
Evaluation Tools for Web Content Accessibility
Provides a comprehensive list of Web accessibility evaluation tools.
Review Teams for Evaluating Web Site Accessibility
Describes the composition, training, and operation of teams of reviewers evaluating accessibility of Web sites.
Template for Accessibility Evaluation Reports
Presents a format for communicating results of a Web accessibility evaluation.