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Customizing a Business Plan
Business Case Samples
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Appendices for Customizing Business Plans for Web Accessibility

This is an old draft. The published version of this document is at

Note: This document is an initial draft [see change log in progress] and should not be referenced or quoted under any circumstances. This document is under development by the Education and Outreach Working Group (EOWG), and will be offered to other W3C groups and the public for review.

The following appendices provide in-depth information which may be helpful in customizing a Web accessibility business case or implementation plan for a specific organization. Sample business cases and implementation plans are also available in this resource suite.

  1. Benefits of Accessible Web Design
  2. Demographics of the Disability Marketplace
  3. Developing Organizational Policies
  4. Evaluating Web Sites for Web Accessibility
  5. Factors Affecting Cost of Implementation
  6. Legal Requirements
  7. Selecting Authoring Tools

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