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Customizing a Business Case and Implementation Plan
Sample Business Cases
Sample Implementation Plans

Sample Business Cases for Web Accessibility

This is an old draft. The published version of this document is at

Note: This document is an initial draft [see change log in progress] and should not be referenced or quoted under any circumstances. This document is under development by the Education and Outreach Working Group (EOWG), and will be offered to other W3C groups and the public for review.

Customizing a Business Case

A customized business case for Web accessibility might include any of the following:

About the Sample Business Cases

The sample business cases linked from this section show how different modules can be used to emphasize business case priorities in different settings:

These sample business cases obviously cover only a small range of situations, and none of them comprehensively. They are meant to be a springboard for development of business plans that are specific to particular organizations, and types of Web sites, within the context of different countries.

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