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EOWG Face-to-Face Meeting
16-18 March 2014
San Diego, CA, USA

Hosted by the WAI-ACT Project (IST 287725) and Educational Testing Service (ETS).

Page Contents

Topics Covered

Topics addressed over three days:


Participation is open to participants of W3C WAI Education and Outreach Working Group (EOWG). If you are not currently an EOWG participant and want to attend, please contact Shawn Henry, EOWG Chair.

Preliminary Agenda

Time and topics below are approximate, and will likely change based on how the work is going.

Sunday 16 March

(Participants: Shawn, Sharron, Shadi, Eric, Helle, Wayne, Anna Belle, Jan, Anthony, Paul, Howard, Denis)



Topic: Implementation Guidance

1:00-2:00, break, 2:15-3:15, break

Topic: Tutorials Planning

3:30-5:00, break

Topic: Monday & Tuesday Planning


Monday 17 March

(Participants: Shawn, Sharron, Shadi, Eric, Helle, Wayne, Anna Belle, Anthony, Denis, Jan, Paul, Howard)

All day - Breakout worksessions.

Food and drink available


Topic: Intros and Plans for today


Breakout 1: Tutorials

most of the day

Breakout 2: (Topics decided on Sunday)

most of the day

Regroup: Debrief from today & plan for tomorrow


Tuesday 18 March

(Participants: Shawn, Sharron, Shadi, Eric, Helle, Wayne, Anna Belle, Anthony, Paul, Denis, Jan (am), Howard (from late am), (Jeanne pm))

All day - All group meeting

Food and drink available


Topic: Introductions and plans for today


Breakout 1: Tutorials

other meeting room

Breakout 2: Accessibility Intro on WAI sub-site

off lobby

Breakout 3: RFP language on WAI-Engage

main meeting room

Topic: Debrief from breakouts




Topic: Mobile Accessibility page

1:00-2:15, break

Topic: EOWG using Github

2:30-3:30, break

Topic: Usability testing Easy Checks


Topic: ATAG promotion at CSUN


(Several people want to go to the keynote at the Hyatt that starts at 5:30pm.)


Sunday brunch:

Searsucker 611 Fifth Avenue (619) 233-7327

Sunday afternoon, Monday, Tuesday meetings:

Hotel Solamar 435 6th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101


Channel: #eo
Server: irc.w3.org
Port: 6665