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EOWG Minutes 9 July 2004 Meeting

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Agenda in e-mail list archives: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/w3c-wai-eo/2004JulSep/0024.html



Outreach Updates

How People With Disabilities Use the Web

Background from Agenda:


Judy: There are alot of editing hours that went into this document.

Judy: Last week's EO we discussed some of the change request from back in March. I tried to implement our discussion from Last week and our new items.

Judy: There is some serious link cleanup that I need to.

Doyle: It works really well for me. I think it would be appropriate to look at the color blindness section. The things that I saw were pretty minor.

Judy: The problem I ran into first was we said we should take out any reference to Mr. Lee overriding the author's style sheets with high style sheets due to its feasibility.

Judy: When I take it's out I see very little accessibility features left in it

Judy: I felt like alot of section was hard to understand. I did alot of copy editing.

Judy: Required form fields was a little hard to explain in the scenario.

Harvey: We are reading Online Shopper with Color Blindness?

Group: yes

Judy: Henk noticed some jargony language that I was able to change.

Harvey: I thin that's a very effective example that you have right now.

Doyle: I think that the way the forms were explained is one of the clearer ways to explain it.

Judy: It's the first scenario people land on and I was concerned it wasn't understandable.

Charmane: In the 4th paragraph should we change color controlled by style to colors of text?

Judy: It could be color of text or the background also.

Charmane: Do we ever say color contrast between text and background in the document?

Charmane: Would people know what we are contrasting?

Judy: By saying between text and background we could mean other things.

Judy: Is color contrast to obscure?

Roberto: I think we should say what, foreground and background should be described

Doyle: I agree

Judy: Isn't foreground and background slightly obscure terminology that would need description

Justin: I don't think people would know what foreground was.

Judy: Is there a more plain language way of putting it?

Roberto: I think every time we use the word contrast or at least the first time we should explain what.

Judy: I am worried about the word foreground.

Doyle: I think foreground like text.

Carol: I like that.

Doyle: Between foreground elements like text and the background

Judy: I am going to take Editor's discretion

Judy: If people could keep look at this scenario and lets see that comes up.

Doyle: The top paragraph, the link to color blindness below. There is something about the definition. It seemed to me to be not coordinated. Below it says a lack of sensitivity to colors. A top it says inability to distinguish.

Judy: I had a feeling for that too. Let me have editors discretion to clean that up.

Harvey: The idea in the guidelines is do not depend on color alone should be stated some how.

Doyle: I agree

Judy: That's not how we are doing the other sections.

Judy: We have a 3 part format that we were using for the document.

Harvey: I see your point.

Judy: People had asked me about removing the section about overriding style sheets. I only left a tentative reference.

Charmane & Doyle: I like it in there.

Judy: I am going to spend a little time on my guideline references.

Charmane: How about putting in provided after the word or in the 3rd paragraph?

Roberto: Question about the 4th paragraph, someone could get a strange message from this phrase you must use style sheet. It doesn't mind what colors you are using because they can change it on their end.

Judy: The shopping sites that this guy said he was going to come back to were the ones he didn't have to do much messing around with.

Charmane: The discounting hits me funny. I would want to be able to know he was easily able to get at information.

Judy: Sale is a word that is pretty ambiguous.

Judy: Roberto I am going to flag your part as editor's discretion.

Judy: Deafness Section

Judy: I further wrote to talk about how people who are deaf usually need more illustrated content to add to the words.

Judy: This doesn't apply to all students it changes with the institution.

Charmane: I have a problem with the one for voice input on the web site.Judy; for some web sites there was voice interactivity that was required.

Judy: VoiceXML is going to change alot of things.

Judy: Speech disability is listed in another section also.

Justin: The scenario seems to really be good for the way we do things at Roch. Institute of Tech. National Tech. Institute of the Deaf.

Judy: Can people reread the intro to assistive technology section?

Chuck: If the two otherwises in the first sentence might be changed.

Judy: One thing people were concerned about was we weren't giving people enough orientation to accessibility features built into the operating system.

Judy: There is another paragraph on adaptive scenarios

Judy: The for examples.

Judy: Is that a good example for how people people who are blind skim.

Chuck: Some people turn off or put in their own style sheets. Change colors

Judy: People with ADD and dyslexia will use a technology that puts a line under the text that your reading.

Charmane: In the third paragraph, for example...is one strategy instead of as one strategy

Judy: I don't think is one strategy really hits it either.

Judy: We took out disability.

Judy: Looking back at the change log

Judy: The cross linking is not all done.

Judy: Helle volunteered to do the link research to see how they are working. She sent back a good report.

Judy: a Bunch of the fragment anchors got changed.

Justin volunteers

Judy: Did people look at the thing Helle sent around about Operating System stuff and adaptive strategies?


Judy: I think coming back and doing this in a later version would be best. Is that acceptable as a compromise?

Doyle: yes

Judy: Do not link for now revisit for future version

Doyle: William sent a note so I take back my comment.

Judy: We are going to do our quarterly review at the end of July


Judy: send copy edits to the editors list

WAI Online Overview

Background from Agenda:


Judy: I think alot of the change log items were done just not marked done

Harvey: There are number lists that aren't nested correctly.

Judy: Nest the talk where are appropriate.

Judy: I can go and mess with the script output. On the third slide: It say's web access for everyone

Judy: I say lets defer that discussion

Roberto: That's my favorite way to say web accessibility.

Judy: On the sponsor page we need to add our new sponsors.

Judy: On slide 13 the number style's is off.

Judy: are there still XML accessibility guidelines in development?

Roberto: Slide 13 is ok with Opera and Mozilla

Judy: Maybe we can list XAG as another working draft

Judy: on slide 15 lets consult with PF about whether or not we use XAG

Judy: Resource allocation is the big issue on that

Judy: Slide 16

Judy: We need to add a slide about WCAG 2.0

Judy: Add about what it is here for and what it is going to do.

Judy: Slide 17 there is an error; Double link

Judy: We need some resumed ATAG outreach.

Harvey: On slide 18 the creation of valid accessible content.

Judy: Maybe the supporting resources need some annotation.

Judy: Just like 3 or 4 words.

Charmane: A little explanation for each would help alot.

Judy: We don't go to a annotated resource page.

Charmane: how about another slide that repeats more stuff.

Judy: Grouping them into something like awareness and implementation

Carol: People aren't going to read through all of the links

Judy: Slide 24 link to second teleconference

Judy: I would hate to just recreate the resource page.

Shawn: The Web site task force has grouped the information.

Judy: for slide 23 group the resources

Shawn: the WSTF grouped the resources for overall use.

Carol; on slide 21 or any supporting resources if we put take out the document and the number it will make it more readable.

Shawn: grouping from WSTF: http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/Drafts/UCD/site-map

Judy: The participating slide might be updated once the new intro material is available.

Next Meeting

July 16, 2004

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