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Clerk with intellectual disability at a grocery store

FURTHER REVISED, SEE LATEST DRAFT Mr. Sands has stocked groceries for the past year at a grocery store. He has Down syndrome. He has difficulty reading and doing mathematical calculations.

[he has a Web site. he's responsible for the entries into the web site when he's finished stocking. he has to know when to reorder. he has to use charts and tables to help determine when to reorder. they amended the web site slightly w/ some icons instead of words because he was hainv a lot of trouble w/ regular charts. ...at home, he uses the web to play game. they are mostly picture games. his little sister (12) goes and finds games them on the web for him (he's 17) he's good at figuring the games out when he gets them... pretty intuitive. ... likes watching the scores go up. he's kept his job for a year now... good audio intuability... audio might help...

chop up the rest... as discussed in harvey's notes...

Recently, he visited the customer Web site for the grocery service from his computer at home. He found that he could use the Web site without much difficulty -- it used a lot of pictures, and each Web page was clearly organized. Some of the products had audio descriptions available also. When he clicked on an icon showing a product, it sent his choice directly to an order form.

Back at work, the company's Web developer was interviewing clerks in preparation for updating the online clerk interface. Mr. Sands found an opportunity to mention to the Web developer that the customer Web site was convenient for him, and better than some other online grocery services that he'd looked at. He showed the Web developer that the clear and simple language and consistent design and navigation options on the customer site, as well as the availability of both text and audio, helped him use the site. The other clerks thought that the icons would allow them to identify and select products faster than text alone.

The Web developer decided to implement the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 in the online clerk interface. Mr. Sands' job options have since changed at the online grocery service. He now checks orders after they are filled. When an order displays on the screen, it displays as product icons with text. He can select an audio description when he needs to. If an item is missing from the bagged order, he selects the icon which sends a message to a bagging clerk who fills the order.

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