ISSUE-333: Support for 3rd-party user interface resources in future Web architecture


Support for 3rd-party user interface resources in future Web architecture

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Gottfried Zimmermann
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This is an issue that we should keep in mind and work towards on various occasions when developing the future architecture of the Web.

Future user interfaces in the Web should support 3rd-party contributions for accessibility reasons. There are already some trends that point into this direction. For example, the Universal Remote Console standard (ISO/IEC 24752:2008) introduces a "resource server" that provides components for alternate user interfaces. Also, ISO/IEC JTC1 SC35 is currently preparing an icon database with standardized icons and language-specific labels. XForms allows web forms to reference externally provided metadata (such as labels) via a URL in the 'src' attribute.

Some possible actions that we could follow up:
- Internal discussion in PF
- Occasionally mention this is a requirement when reviewing early versions of drafts
- Feedback to Technical Architecture Group
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