ACTION-177: Propose HTML 5 media object work plan

Propose HTML 5 media object work plan

Gregory Rosmaita
Due on:
August 13, 2008
Created on:
June 26, 2008
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Related emails:
  1. ACTION-177 A Unified Approach to HTML5's Media Specific Elements (update) (from on 2008-07-30)
  2. minutes PF F2F Redmond Day 3, 2008-06-26 [DRAFT] (from on 2008-06-27)

Related notes:

A preliminary proposal will be posted to the PF's portion of the ESW wiki by the 2008-07-23 PF teleconference and announced to the w3c-wai-pf list. A consistent approach to HTML5's media specific elements is outlined (all are containers, all are capable of content-negotiation), which can also serve as a model for CANVAS accessibility. in addition, a proposed mapping of IMG to FIGURE, and @alt and @longdesc to FIGURE child elements is also addressed.

Gregory Rosmaita, 16 Jul 2008, 20:01:21

a very preliminary wiki page for this issue has been set up at:

additions will be forthcoming, but comments and suggestions on what is currently on the wiki are most welcome

Gregory Rosmaita, 30 Jul 2008, 18:11:04

this action item has been rendered obsolete now that there is an HTML5 Accessibility Task Force with a dedicated media sub-groupo

Gregory Rosmaita, 9 Dec 2009, 00:47:37

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