ISSUE-68: HTML5 review sub-committee/task force


HTML5 review sub-committee/task force

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Gregory Rosmaita
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Given the purview of PF, the signal to noise ratio of public-html and the
HTML WG, given that we are working to preserve advances achieved in HTML
4.01 as well as on better mousetraps (semantics for CANVAS, a superior
long descriptor mechanism, etc.) it is necessary for the PF WG to
establish a sub-committee or task force on HTML5, and to dedicate regular
meetings to the discussion of, and co-ordination and collaboration upon,
HTML5 accessibility issues, ranging from markup analysis to user agent and
authoring tool conformance, WCAG conformance in all examples, notes,
informative and normative references in the HTML5 draft, as well as the
differences between HTML4 and HTML5 document, the "Advice for Authors"
document, and any other notes or sub-documents spawned by the HTML WG.
This "standing sub-committee" would be (a) open to cross-WAI
participation, at the discretion of the WAI CG or PF chair; and (b)
provide the same intensity of review for HTML5 that the predecessor to PF
-- HC -- devoted to HTML4x and CSS2.

To this end, and attempt at collecting HTML5 issues, requirements, and proposals on the PF portion of the ESW wiki:
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this issue has been rendered moot by the formation of the HTML Accessibility Task Force





Gregory Rosmaita, 14 Jan 2010, 18:04:29

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