Document Object Model (DOM) Level 3 Events Specification

Version 1.0

W3C Working Draft 13 April 2006

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Björn Höhrmann,
Philippe Le Hégaret, W3C (until November 2003)
Tom Pixley, Netscape Communications Corporation (until July 2002)

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This specification defines the Document Object Model Events Level 3, a generic platform- and language-neutral event system which allows registration of event handlers, describes event flow through a tree structure, and provides basic contextual information for each event. The Document Object Model Events Level 3 builds on the Document Object Model Events Level 2 [DOM Level 2 Events].

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This document is the 13 April 2006 Working Draft of the DOM Level 3 Events specification. This document has been produced by the Web API Working Group, part of the Rich Web Clients Activity in the Interaction Domain. The previous version of this document was a Working Group Note published by the DOM Working Group in November 2003. This version moves the specification back onto the W3C Recommendation Track.

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