Open Issues on DOM 3 Events - Public View

There are 6 issues listed in the system.

ID State Title Raised on Product
ISSUE-32 OPEN ONGOING: Accessibility and UI events - how to improve the interaction 2006-02-24 DOM 3 Events
ISSUE-33 OPEN ONGOING: Multiple devices generating events 2006-02-24 DOM 3 Events
ISSUE-51 OPEN DOM3EV: mobile devices keyboard events additions 2006-03-24 DOM 3 Events
ISSUE-79 OPEN How do we make cmd-+ work? 2006-05-02 DOM 3 Events
ISSUE-123 OPEN Should DOM Level 3 Events support namespaced events? 2008-04-23 DOM 3 Events
ISSUE-124 OPEN Should MouseEvent have a 'pressure' attribute? 2008-05-07 DOM 3 Events