Web API Working Group

The W3C Web API Working Group has been merged with the Web Application Formats Working Group to form the Web Applications Working Group. All of the deliverables of this group are now under development by the WebApps WG. This page is here solely for historical purposes.

The W3C Web API Working Group was chartered to develop standard APIs for client-side Web Application development. This work included both documenting existing APIs such as XMLHttpRequest and developing new APIs in order to enable richer web applications.

This group worked in public, with details on the WebApps Wiki.

Of technical and historical interest is the public-webapi@w3.org mailing list archive. The mailing list is no longer active and all feedback should be sent instead to the public-webapps@w3.org mailing list (archives), or via IRC on the W3C #webapps channel.

The group worked on the following documents (which are all available through our public CVS repository):

The group is planning on publishing the following documents at some point (hopefully soon!):

The W3C Staff Contact for the Web API Working Group is Doug Schepers. The Chair of the Working Group is Charles McCathieNevile.

You can read about any Patent Policy disclosures.

Contact: Doug Schepers, <schepers@w3.org>