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ISSUE-156 (edit) CLOSED text-orientation property is described as "non-native only" but also affects native 2011-01-13 CSS3 Writing Modes 0
ISSUE-158 (edit) CLOSED text-combine change requests from EPUB JP 2011-01-13 CSS3 Writing Modes 0
ISSUE-183 (edit) CLOSED writing-mode property should become shorthand or change its name 2011-06-23 CSS3 Writing Modes 0
ISSUE-185 (edit) CLOSED bidi-style resolution of neutral characters wrt text orientation 2011-07-01 CSS3 Writing Modes 0
ISSUE-200 (edit) CLOSED Replace unicode-bidi: isolate bidi-override with unicode-bidi: isolate-override 2011-11-29 CSS3 Writing Modes 0
ISSUE-248 (edit) CLOSED text-combine-mode incompatible with WebKit 2012-04-21 CSS3 Writing Modes 0
ISSUE-299 (edit) CLOSED orthogonal flows rules should look through non-BFCs for directional comparison 2013-01-29 CSS3 Writing Modes 0
ISSUE-341 (edit) CLOSED text-combine-horizontal and auto-scaling 2013-07-05 CSS3 Writing Modes 0
ISSUE-342 (edit) CLOSED 'text-combine-horizontal' and font features 2013-07-16 CSS3 Writing Modes 0
ISSUE-345 (edit) CLOSED 'text-combine-horizontal' and 'digits 1' value 2013-08-16 CSS3 Writing Modes 0
ISSUE-346 (edit) CLOSED text-combine-horizontal example 20 is incorrect 2013-08-26 CSS3 Writing Modes 0

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