ISSUE-346: text-combine-horizontal example 20 is incorrect

text-combine-horizontal example 20 is incorrect

CSS3 Writing Modes
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John Daggett
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The Writing Modes spec was recently changed to require the use of width variants when they are available for all characters in an affected text run. The spec however still contains wording in example 20 that implies this behavior is optional.

Problematic wording:

"a simple OpenType-based implementation might compress the text as follows"

"A more sophisticated OpenType implementation might compose the text first with normal (proportional-width) glyphs to see if that fits, then substitute in half-width or third-width forms as available and necessary, possibly adjusting its approach or combining it with scaling operations depending on the available glyph substitutions."
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Related notes:

Discussed at F2F and resolved, but we forgot to close this in the tracker.

Koji Ishii, 4 Mar 2014, 17:31:44

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